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Illegal Pete’s Upslope Brewing Collaboration

Illegal Petes collaboration upslope

Illegal Pete’s has always been proud of its relationship with the Boulder craft brewery,Upslope. They were one of the first to carry Upslope brews in their restaurant, and now it all comes full circle with an Illegal Pete’s Upslope Brewing Collaboration Illegal Peach Session Ale.

Illegal Peach Session Ale pays tribute to one of Colorado’s finest produces, perfect for this time of year. A small crew from Illegal Pete’s visited Upslope’s Lee Hill location on Friday, August 30th and assisted Upslope brewers (Dany Pages and Sam Scruby) with over 200 lbs of Palisade peaces from Munson farms. This very sessionable ale clocks in at 5.4% ABV.

Throughout the brewing process, the crew incorporated peaches through the span of several brewing cycles, which translated to an almost “Peach backed” beer. The yield was 6.66 Barrels (that is not a typo) and other than a keg or two at the Upslope tasting room, this beer will only be sold at Illegal Pete’s six locations. The beer will have special releases beginning tonight at the Illegal Pete’s Hill Boulder location with other locations throughout the weekend and into next week.

Thursday, September 19th at Illegal Pete’s Hill (Boulder) from 5 to 7pm

Friday, September 20th at Illegal Pete’s South Broadway from 5 to 7pm

Saturday, September 21st at Illegal Pete’s Pearl St (Boulder) from 4 to 6pm

Tuesday, September 24th at Illegal Pete’s Lodo from 5 to 7pm

Wednesday, September 25th at Illegal Pete’s DU from 6 to 8pm

Thursday, September 26th at Illegal Pete’s DTC from 5 to 7pm


  1. stephen scott

    Love illegal pete’s , ill be there tonight to check it out

  2. Awesome! I am excited! I go to illegal pete’s far too often and pretty much always get upslope 🙂

  3. Nancy DeSoto

    I’ll be there Thursday as 🍑 peaches are my favorite and what better than to celebrate with my favorite nephew, Seve DeSoto🤣😜😄’

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