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Cult Beers Part 1

Cult Beers Part 1

It’s the time of season when the masses begin waiting for hours to pay an exorbitant amount of money for a single glass or bottle of cult beers.  But trust me, it’s worth it.  Today we start a two part series on beers with a cult following.  These beers don’t necessarily have to be extremely rare, though most are, the only qualifier is that they have transcended just being a great beer, but more so, one that people go crazy about.

Russian River’ Pliny the Younger
Pliny the Younger only comes around once a year in the month of February.  In order to get your lips on this triple IPA, which is the next level of evolution of the equally cultish Pliny the Elder, you’ll either have to camp out at Russian River Brewing in Santa Rosa, CA on the first Friday in February, or hope that your local beer bar gets a rare keg.  If it does you’ll have to stake out a spot and ward off fellow hop hounds for this triple hopped wonder.  These tappings are typically exhausted in an hour or two and in some cases, mere minutes.  But it’s worth it! Denver folk can still find Younger at the Cheeky Monk tomorrow (Thursday, February 28th).  And there’s also word on the street that Younger will be on hand at Avery’s Strong Ale Fest and that Hops and Pie has one tucked away for a March release so keep your eyes peeled for that one.

bells oberon







Bell’s Oberon

If you’re anywhere near anyone from the state of Michigan from March through October you’ve likely heard a fanatical tirade about how freaking awesome Oberon is.  This midwest favorite wheat beer rocks some serious citrus flavors with a mild hop profile. While it may be a bit over ballyhooed, especially since Bell’s offers a phenomenal full lineup, it really is a fantastic option for summer time brews!

great lakes christmas ale






Great Lakes’s Christmas Ale
Much like their Michigan brethren or perhaps nemesi to the north, Ohio folk are equally as fanatical about Great Lakes’ Christmas Ale. The moment these spiced holiday beers hit the shelve they fly off faster than wrapping paper on Christmas morning.

kentucky ale bourbon barrel









Kentucky Ale Bourbon Barrel

It’s only appropriate that a bourbon barrel beer helped shape Kentucky’s craft beer scene. And while this brew may be widely available throughout the state, it is hoarded by those who move away and deservingly so.  Bourbon barrel utilizes the light crisp base of Kentucky Ale which pairs surprisingly well with the caramel vanilla flavor brought on by the Bourbon Barrel.

hunahpu cigar city








Cigar City’s Hunahpu
Every year ,on one day in March, Hunahpu is released to the masses with a taproom only party that is one for the ages. Hunahpu Day is a craft beer drinkers paradise. Not only do you get the ability to purchase bottles of one of the most sought after craft beers, you also get a fantastic tap line up and one epic bottle share. This year on March 9th, Hunahpu will make its return and if you are not in Tampa, Florida make sure you have a trade lined up.

Foothill’s Sexual Chocolate

Foothill’s Sexual Chocolate is released once a year and is a cocoa infused Russian Imperial Stout.  Sexual Chocolate has received cult following as it was one of the first to proficiently showcase cocoa in big beers, it might also have a little something to do with the name.


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