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Left Hand Brewing – Black Jack Porter

Black Jack Porter

English Style Porter
ABV: 6.4%

I’ve realized over the past year that porters, stouts and dark beer in general is where my taste buds find their happy place. And Left Hand Brewing seems to have my number as every brew I find from them becomes the liquid heaven we all search for in a beer. Plus, they seem to have more than enough choices in the deep, dark colored arena. So when I noticed this previously untasted option on the shelf, it was an easy choice.

There is a definite roasty, coffee taste right out the gate which is right up my alley. The dark chocolate flavor is there but subtle. And the finish is crisp without being overly bitter.  Though I’m a fan of the velvety smoothness of say a milk stout, this semi-hoppy feel was delicious. Being a heavy drinker of unleaded, black coffee I may be biased on this beer but I was left restraining myself from throttling the whole sixer in one sitting. Highly recommended.

I also think the rad designs from the Left Hand crew derserves some attention. There’s a great story about this brew on the six pack which relates to the crazy squid on the label and the funky critters on the website page devoted to Black Jack Porter. They clearly put a lot of thought into the overall beer which is appreciated.

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