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Elysian Brewery | Savant IPA

Elysian Savant

ABV: 6.30%
IBU: 66

I am not a scientist and I rarely claim to be, but there has to be research available that proves that people love monkeys. I was at Hugo’s, my local beer store, trying to judge a beer by its label and make the impossible decision: Elysian’s DayGlow IPA with a tiger shooting rainbow lasers out of its eyes or Elysian’s Savant IPA with a monkey in glasses painting a picture. My past experience with Elysian has revolved around their incredible fall pumpkin beers, which made me appoint Elysian my beer of the evening for a rainy Wednesday night.

Elysian Savant  IPA
When I poured the beer, a very potent floral hop aroma hit me. The head was thick and white. When the beer settled, it had a gorgeous orange, almost red complexion. I was very excited to try it. On my first sip, I was surprised that it was incredibly sweet on the front end but also hoppy throughout. Savant IPA had a complex flavor that was hard to pinpoint: carmelly with light mango and citrus undertones and a slight hint of pine.

This is a great summer IPA to enjoy on a patio out in the sun. It is pleasantly light and well balanced. I really enjoyed how smoothly it transitioned through flavors that work well together. Savant IPA is a great beer for everyone. It has complex flavors to satisfy beer connoisseurs, strong and unique hop profile to fulfill hopheads and lightly sweet to impress traditionally IPA shunners.

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