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2 Years of PorchDrinking | Our Favorite Posts

2 Years of PorchDrinking | Our Favorite Posts

Today marks the 2 year anniversary of So to celebrate we thought we’d take a look back at some of our more memorable, successful, impactful and hilarious posts. As we stated when we began, we wanted to embody the porch drinking experience and promote craft beer with positivity. I’m proud to say that we’ve continued to do so. So take a trip back with us on a few of our favorites, and feel free to share a few of yours in the comments section as well!

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new belgium time lapse video screenshot

Post #1 – This showcase of New Belgium’s Blue Paddle is where it all started. This was the very first post on the site and still remains one that I’m extremely proud of because it showcases a great beer and also references The Avett Brothers. Classic PD.

smirnoff black

Smirnoff Ice BLACK – Ok so this was clearly a spoof and I loved that Vic came out of the gate swinging with this parody. It still makes my cry laughing whenever I read it.

white people dancing

Songs White People Love– While Ellie Thompson has taken over a majority of our playlist curation (and for good reason), I threw together a list of songs white people love dancing to and it gets awkward super fast.

chase 1

An Actual Porch Drink Session w/ Chase – So Chase Parker as seen above was one of the main reasons I started the site. While the idea had been in my head he was the one who really pushed me to go for it. He’s also referred to as gramps because he’s essentially a 75 yr old man trapped in a 27 yr old’s body. His crumudgeon-y ways shows through perfectly in this actual conversation we had on the porch in the early days of the site.

universal drinking game

The Universal Drinking Game – Drew Troller is hilarious, and so is the rest of our pop culture team comprised of Nik Heimach, Caitlin Van Mol, and more recently Christian Walker. But this early post by Drew captures the fact that we aren’t just about beer.

npr hunger

NPR Host or Hunger Games Character– Earlier this year, Drew was also brilliant in creating his NPR host or Mockingjay character game which got retweeted by NPR.


Boardwalk Empire Ultimate 6er -One of our earliest Pop Culture/Beer crossover posts was this awesome Ultimate 6er from Lindsay Krumel comparing characters from Boardwalk Empire w/ beers. It still remains one of our most read posts.


GABF Editor’s Note– GABF holds particular meaning to us. We first applied for a press pass after being a blog for a whole 2 months and for some reason they accepted us. So from the first year we decided to swing for the fences and give as much coverage as possible. That included a time lapse of New Belgium’s booth setup, regional previews of what would be poured at each booth, and this editor’s note.

chicago-skyline--black-and-white-anthony-doudtChicago Beervana– This writeup from Scott shows just what we’re capable of in terms of beer coverage on a local level. I loved his breakdown of his favorite craft beer-centric locales in a city he truly loves.

apocalypse ultimate 6er

Ultimate 6er for Mayan Apocalypse– Remember that time when people thought the apocalypse might actually happen? Well Betsy had you set with a 6 pack in case it actually did.

PorchDrinking Got Twitter Hacked


April Fools– we had a little fun on April Fools that first year when our Twitter account got “hacked” and for a day we became StoopSipping… well that basically says it all.


Israel vs Palestine– On occasion we’re also capable of reporting on serious topics. In one of the most well written posts we’ve ever featured on the site, Nik Heimach broke down both sides of the Israeli Palestinian conflict. His post garnered attention from a host of national editors. Nik immediately followed that acclaim up with more exposure when his post about Festivus was shared by the Huffington Post.

Magic Johnson hat

#ThisIsNotMagicHat– We may be a bit immature at times, but the key to being immature is to completely own it. We took a litigation issue and poked fun at just how ridiculous Magic Hat’s claims were that West Sixth Brewing’s logo too similarly resembled an “upside down nine”.

Cantillon Zwanze Day 2013 at Lord Hobo in Cambridge

Zwanze Day– As even writeups go, Gabe’s breakdown of Zwanze Day in Boston was one of the best. This tradition celebrating the release of Cantillon world wide has gained tremendous popularity and Gabe’s coverage did it justice.

PorchDrinking Podcast

The First PorchCast– We just recently revived the PorchDrinking Podcast, aka the PorchCast, but before this Colorado reboot. Jason Behler spearheaded the original with this gem they recorded at Rhinehaus Bar in Cincinnati. Have a listen.


Homebrewing Defining Your Style– For a while Phil Joyce spearheaded our efforts in home brewing coverage. This post delves into figuring out what your style is when it comes to home brews. And though he’s been on hiatus from the site, its for good reason as he will soon open Powder Keg Brewery next month. We’re all super stoked!

Powder Keg Brewing Company

Speaking of Powder Keg– Get hyped! It’ll be open before you know it!

Getting a Woody

Getting a Woody– Will Dozier is one of the bigger influences in helping to take the site to the next level. His stunning photography coupled with his penchant for barrel aged beers naturally led to my favorite title for a recurring feature called “Getting a Woody”.

Super Bowl Bingo– Our most successful post was this year’s Super Bowl Bingo board, but Mike Zoller got us started a year ago with the original.


How is that Legal?!– Around the time that the vote for legalizing marijuana in Colorado was up for debate, we took a look at things that were much worse than legalized marijuana. And well things got out of control.


Faking Adulthood Just Stop– Kate Stark is perhaps the most important factor in helping to launch PorchDrinking. Without her agreeing to join on to this crazy project I probably wouldn’t have had the motivation to get this thing going. Here is my favorite post of her where she share things adults should just say no to now that they’re, well, an adult!

cougar town tbs

A Shameless Plea to Watch Cougar Town– Caitlin Van Mol as mentioned before kills it when it comes to pop culture coverage. She’s anchored our Pop Culture Week in Reviews more times than she’d personally like but she’s also had a host of awesome feature pieces including How to be Conversant in “Lost”, but my favorite thing about her is her futile attempt to get everyone to fall in love with the show Cougar Town.


Signs You’re a Little Too into Craft Beer– Consider yourself a craft beer fanatic? Well perhaps you’ve been guilty of a few of these tell tale signs that you might have gone too far.

mascot madness

Drew’s Mascot Matchups – Drew really does love sports, but the best thing is that he knows how to make them a bit more entertaining for those who don’t. He’s done two phenomenal mascot matchups, one for MLB’s opening day and the other for March Madness. The results are gold!

2013 GABF Fantasy Brewery Live Draft

Fantasy Brewery Draft– Speaking of sports, we turned year two of covering GABF into a national competition by holding our first Fantasy Brewery Draft based on results of GABF judging. We had both national and local participants and frankly it was a helluva lot of fun.


Awesomesauce and InterNEAT- Two of our more underrated features come from Laura Mego and Alex Cadice respectively. Both are different but both feature really cool things. Awesomesauce showcases unique websites, services, technology, clothes etc. and her write up on the cool site Roadtrippers is the perfect example of that. Think TripTix for 2014.


Cadice’s InterNEAT is a feature I personally never miss as it is usually a melange of random hilarious internet finds including memes, gifs, videos, and photos of hilarious things. Volume 41 was one of my favorites.

yolo brewing

Yolo Brewing– Yup there’s actually a brewery named Yolo Brewing and they just launched out in California. And through it may partially be named for Yolo County, we decided to have a little fun by offering up suggestions of what they should name their beers. #ghostridethewit.


The House of Cards Drinking Game– Look we know our wheel house, and it seems that people love drinking games. Erin absolutely killed it with this House of Cards Drinking game that still is one of our top read posts on the site. Erin has also did this hilarious 6er to go with your favorite poltiical scandal.

beer mint julep

Beer Cocktail– Our site recently added some tremendous credibility with the addition of three individuals. The first of which, Natalie who runs Beautiful Booze has brought us tremendous beer cocktails including this Kentucky Derby Themed Beer Julep.

stout pairing

Imperial Stout Pairing– The second fusion of beer and other goodies comes from Alewise Beer who has been pairing beer with food and cheese each week.

Stone Cold Pickles

Beer Pickles – And last but not least, our dear new friend at Drink and Spoon has be inducing beer drool and regular drools at that with her cooking with beer recipes. This one one Beer Pickles is to die for!

We’ve come a long way in the past two years, and while we couldnt incorporate every single amazing post. We certainly hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down memory lane. We’re extremely proud of the profound work that’s gone into the site and we’re excited by even more surprises to come!


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