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Columbus Brewing Company | IPA

Columbus Brewing Company | IPA
Emily Mollineaux

CBC IPA     6.5% ABV

As much as I love trying and exploring all the craft beer that is out there, I know no matter what there will be one beer that stands above the rest. One that will always have a special place for in my heart, and in my refrigerator.  To me, that is Columbus Brewing Company IPA.  I always feel a nice sense of pride for Columbus and all the great local breweries, and CBC is among the best, especially when it comes to making a great IPA. The brewery itself is located in the historical brewery district in downtown Columbus, and you can find their beers on tap almost anywhere in this fine city. Columbus Brewing Company was first founded in 1890, and was once again resurrected in 1988. They use all local ingredients, and offer 3 beers year round: Pale Ale, IPA, and Bodhi (A double India Pale Ale). They also offer a few seasonal beers; such as their summer seasonal, “Summer Teeth.”

The IPA is served in a 12oz bottle, and when poured into a glass it has a slightly hazy-orange color.  The aroma is a lovely combination of floral, and grapefruit. The first sip has a combination or orange, spice, and malty hops, finishing off with a tasty, but slightly bitter aftertaste.  Comparative to other IPA’s, it’s definitely on the strong bitter side, similar aftertaste to a double IPA.

If you are ever in Columbus, make sure to stop by Columbus Brewing Company (525 Short St, Columbus, OH 43215), or try one of their beers if you ever see one on tap near you. Its a perfect beer for anytime of the year.

Anytime I can support a local brewery, while also enjoying a delicious beer, it’s a win-win situation.

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