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The Brew Kettle | White Rajah IPA

White Rajah
Kevin Risner

ABV: 6.8%

IBU: 70

The craft beer industry, at least from what I have seen and experienced, has embraced the average beer imbiber’s attempt at brewing a beer that one might enjoy from home. Though this write-up will not be exclusively about a brewery, I must provide some background before delving too deep into the specific beer I am showcasing. So, without further delay, let me provide you with one more summertime bevvy for your enjoyment: White Rajah IPA. This beer is one of the Brew Kettle’s best, and it is the perfect option for those who revel in hops, citrus in smell and flavor and a relaxing afternoon lounging at the pool: my place of choice for this sunny beverage. 

The Brew Kettle is a restaurant and also a brew-on-premise establishment in Strongsville, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. One can call, sign up to reserve a kettle and attempt to concoct the ideal pint to bottle and enjoy. This is a great start for people who, like me, have not gone the home-brewing route just yet and are intrigued at the prospect of doing it. If you are intrigued and not that far away from the Buckeye State, you can find more information at (The Brew Kettle also has premises next door where one can learn the process of making wine. If you know any oenophiles, spread the word.)

Now, to the White Rajah! This particular favorite of many people I know pours with minimally foamy head, and it retains a rich, golden hue. The aromas are potent. This IPA does not skimp on a fruity bouquet, particularly lemon and tropical fruit. There is some slight carbonation as one sinks deeper into the glass, but the amount of hops does not fade away. Neither does that tropical fruit taste, mainly lemon and mango for me. I have heard the spectrum of fruitiness changes: grapefruit, passion fruit, orange, apple. It is a smorgasbord for the tongue, a strong mouthful of flavor with each sip. Our friends at the Brew Kettle even pointedly inform malt, in the description on their website, to “take a back seat, please.” And I don’t mind that sometimes!

After being introduced to White Rajah, most people will not allow the Brew Kettle beers to take the back seat. Sadly, distribution is limited to Ohio. However, whenever you do make it here, try White Rajah or one of Brew Kettle’s ever-increasing selection of beers at the brewpub, at most local supermarkets and additionally at multiple drinking establishments across the state.

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