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Upland Brewing Company | Champagne Velvet Pilsner

Upland Champagne Velvet
Brady Akers

ABV: 5.50% | IBU: 29

After a long week at work, I felt I needed something light and simple to drink. While pilsners are usually one of styles of beer I avoid, I’ve found plenty of pre-prohibition style beers that surpassed my expectations. When I realized that Champagne Velvet was originally released as a part of Upland Brewing Company‘s 15th anniversary, I was intrigued by this modern take on the early 1900s beer that originally put Indiana brewing on the map.

When I popped the top on my bottle of Champagne Velvet, a subtle but sweet scent of malts and corn crept in. Pouring the beer into a glass was about what I expected from a pilsner: lightly gold and minimal haziness with a white head that diminished quickly. My ride with Champagne Velvet became interesting on my first sip.

While the taste was very crisp and clean as expected, the spiciness of the hops immediately stood out. Each drink made me want another with the natural sweetness, smoothness and mild citric acidity. The carbonation was more than I normally have in my IPAs and stouts, but that made it pleasantly light and refreshing.

I was surprised to find that a pilsner packed the perfect punch of flavor while maintaining the style’s traditional purity. This beer is incredibly sessionable in flavor, density and ABV. If you are looking for something light, unique but still with a personality all its own, Upland’s Champagne Velvet is the refreshing surprise you are looking for.

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