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Epic Brewing | Pfeifferhorn Lager

Epic Brewing | Pfeifferhorn Lager

5.3% ABV

When I stopped at the Utah state-owned liquor store last night after a day on the slopes, the label of Epic Brewing’s Pfeifferhorn Lager stood out, what with its powder-covered peak imagery. Named after the 11,326 foot Pfeifferhorn Peak, a.k.a Little Matterhorn, which overlooks the Salt Lake Valley, this beer’s label proclaims that its namesake’s “craggy summit lures hikers and skiers year round.”

I spent yesterday skiing those mountains above Salt Lake City, but last night and today are for letting the legs rest, having pizza delivered, binge watching Lost, hanging out with the dogs, and enjoying a few beers. And this crisp lager is perfect for it. It has that green bottle European flavor that’s clean and refreshing, but it also has its own distinctly fresh taste.

When I first cracked this 22 ouncer, I busted out my talking-to-the-pups voice (Good girl. Go potty, honey!) without even thinking and said, “ooo, that’s good.” Right now Daisy is a donut at my feet, the Others are holding Jack, Kate, and Sawyer captive, and I’m washing it all down with this beauty of a beer. Life could be worse.


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