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What We’re Drinking | June 10th, 2016

What We’re Drinking | June 10th, 2016
Lanie Novack




This is my life lately, you guys:

*Goes home*

*Sits on couch*


*Cracks open beer*

Cheers to no AC, patios, and ice cold beverages. Here’s what we’ve been indulging in this week. Stay cool this weekend, friends.*clink*

Red Poppy | The Lost Abbey

The Lost Abbey - Red Poppy Ale

“Early on in our craft beer lives, this beer was highly sought after and hard to find. I am happy to say we have finally have the chance to try this great brew. Subtle oaky tart followed by a nice cherry finish. Cheers!” — Chris & Sylvia Hollands

Automatic Pale Ale | Creature Comforts Brewing Co.

Automatic Pale Ale - Creature Comforts Brewing Co. -min

“Balanced and refreshing, like mother intended. I could snuggle up with this and a book on any day of the week. I wouldn’t though, because I don’t snuggle beer or books. That would be weird.” — John Pylant

Alternating Currant Black Currant Ale (ACBC) | Little Machine Beer

Alternating Currant - Little Machine Beer

“Seriously stoked on this black currant kettle sour from one of Denver’s newest breweries, Little Machine. Gorgeous color and clarity, amiright?! The fruit shines, but isn’t too aggressive, and the tartness lingers just enough on the tongue without wrecking your palate. This beer (and the brewery) are quickly becoming one of my summer favorites!” — Lanie Novack

Red Ryeot | La Cumbre Brewing Co.

La cumbre red ryeot-min

“Fascinatingly delicious, caramel-y and really hoppy with a nice dry finish.” — Kara Loo

Mila Petite Sour | Beryl’s Beer Co

Slack for iOS Upload (7)-min

“Beryl’s is killing it with this kettle sour. Sneak previewing it tonight at the brewery! First of many! Be sure to try it!” — Desiree Duzich

Howdy Beer | The Post Brewing Co.

Slack for iOS Upload (8)-min

“Super refreshing on these warmer nights. Full disclosure: it came as a package deal with a shot, so it also makes for a great chaser!” — K.C. Cunilio

Raja DIPA | Avery Brewing Co.

Slack for iOS Upload (9)-min

“Pup and prince in hand, I am happy as a clam. When CO friends come to visit me in CA, I ask that they bring Avery. Raja delivers on all levels.” — Victoria Pratt

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