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Where to Buy Bourbon County Stout in Colorado This Black Friday

Where to Buy Bourbon County Stout in Colorado This Black Friday

Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout will once again hit Colorado bars and liquor stores later this week during their yearly Black Friday release. While BCBS hunting on Black Friday has become a bit of a national tradition as of late, last year’s BCBS came under fire after a incidents of infection occurring amongst select batches of the beer. That said, our staff was treated to a sneak peek of this year’s lineup and all indications are that BCBS is back in a big way.

Here’s what we know thus far:

Size / Packaging

All variants will once again come in 16.9 oz single bottles with their own distinct color coded neck label.


BCBS Original should ring in around $10- $12, with variants hovering around $12-$16

For a Complete Description of 2016 Bourbon Count Stout and Its Variants Check Our Showcase

Photo credit: Desiree Duzich
Photo credit: Desiree Duzich

Please note that these are the locations which have been confirmed thus far. As we hear of more locations receiving BCBS we’ll update our list. If you hear of other locations and would like to have it listed feel free to reach out to us in the comments section below as well.

Specific Stores with Friday Releases


  • Total Beverage: Original, Coffee and Barleywine
  • Westminster Liquors: Barleywine & Original, potentially getting Coffee


  • Liquor Mart: Barleywine, Coffee and Original store opens at 8am
  • Hazel’s: Original, Coffee released at Noon
  • Superior: All beers already pre-committed to customers.


  • Applejack: Original, Barleywine & Coffee available at 8am 1 bottle per customer limit on variants TBD on Original
  • Argonaut: Original, Barleywine & Coffee Doors open at 8am. First come first serve, no lottery. 1 bottle of Rare per customer. Coffee and doughnuts for attendees.
  • Highlands Wine & Liquor: 2015/2016 Original, less than a case each of 2016 Coffee and 2016 Barleywine and a case of 2015 Rare release at 10am limit one bottle of each per customer
  • Joy Wine and Spirits: Original and Barleywine release at 10am
  • King Soopers Glendale: Original, release at 8am
  • Mr. B’s: Original, Barleywine & Coffee. Release at 10 am. First come first serve, no lottery. Bottle Limits TBD
  • Molly’s Wine & Liquors: Will give priority to Beer Club members who have been sent a form to fill out to expedite waiting in line. Will carry all variants including Original and Rare. No lines, will release bottles randomly throughout the day. Will also send out emails to loyalty members with extra chances to win complete sets. Will update Beer Club members via e-mail on reservations, still accepting Beer Club memberships in-store.


  • Tipsy’s: 2016 Original, Barleywine and Coffee as well as 2015 Original, Regal Rye and Rare release at 8am, limit one of each variety per customer


  • Chambers Liquors:  2016 Original, Barleywine and Coffee, 2015 Original and Rare release at 8:45 am THURSDAY limit TBD
  • Davidson’s: 10 cases of Original only, release at 1pm limit one bottle per customer
  • Lowry Liquors: Original, 6 bottles of Barleywine and 6 bottles of Coffee release at 9am limit one per customer
  • Morgans Liquors: Original

Where to Find on Tap

All draft accounts will have a limited allotment of either one or two varietals. Here’s where to find them:


  • Falling Rock: 2-5pm tapping of 2015 Original BCBS, all proceed to toward Colorado Brewers Guild
  • Acorn at The Source: Wednesday, November 24 at 6pm
  • Parry’s Pizza Northglenn: Friday



Sorry, Proprietor’s was only available in Chicago this year, so unless you’ve got a great mule in the Windy City, no Proprietor’s for you.

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