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Q&A with Elysian Brewing’s Head Brewer Josh Waldman

Josh Waldman

This month I had the opportunity to interview Elysian Brewing Head Brewer Josh Waldman to reflect on the state of Elysian brewing as well as some of the new additions to their canned lineup. These canned vessels possess the advantage of being super portable, light weight and literally crushable!

We were also given the chance to sample new cans of Day Glow IPA 16 oz cans possessing the same recognizable logo, and that familiar sweet hop forward profile. Find out more on what’s happening at Elysian Brewing from Josh Waldman.

What size brew system does Elysian have?

60 bbl brewhouse

What’s your philosophy or approach toward brewing?

Our philosophy is simply, make it good. We work beyond styles, and brew for new and interesting concepts.

What other brewer/brewery/breweries have influenced you the most?

Schlenkerla inspires us with their commitment to sticking to a profile with such quality. Firestone Walker for the baseline of exceptional quality across styles. Everyone who fits that mold: Allagash, Bell’s, Sierra (of course), and so many more. Anchor, much like Schlenkerla, for brewing many styles with such a distinctive yeast. Overall, breweries with character and commitment influence and inspire.

What beer other than your own, are you currently drinking the most of?

Bale Breaker. Georgetown. I try to keep it local, and go beyond local when with some intention. Pfriem, Double Mountain, Breakside.

What do you listen to while you brew?

Depends on the task. Gotta wear a few hats. I listen to Tortoise when it’s mellow concentration time. I still listen to Morphine for all occasions. Black Keys for some pace. Mars Volta and At The Drive In if I’m working odd hours.

If someone asked you to describe the current state of today’s craft beer climate what would you say?

It’s a crazy world. Highly politicized, with very dynamic styles. A never before heard of brewery can knock anyone off a draft list. It’s strange and exciting times. Brewers need to stay ahead or risk falling behind.

What’s the most interesting story behind one of your beers?

I think all of our beers have stories. That’s why we like them and why we choose to connect with drinkers through those beers. I’m proud of all of our beers, though I can tell from market performance how well we communicate those stories. If we don’t tell it well, the beer doesn’t sell, regardless of style.

I love the folklore that accompanies some of our beers as well. If you ask people in our company how Space Dust got its name and image, you’ll get a bunch of answers, and they all comprise a shapeshifting truth.

What don’t people know about your brewery that you wish they did?

That we work really hard. I hope our image is of a fun brewery run by passionate, creative, and intelligent people, which it is. I also want people to understand that every day presents new challenges, and some beers get through on dedication alone. It’s not always glamorous, but everyone here still loves it.

What’s one beer in your fridge currently that you can’t wait to try and why?

Just snagged a Captain Lawrence Apricot Sour while on the road back east!

What is your go-to camping beer?


Here is a wild 16 oz can of Day Glow IPA! Isn’t it beautiful?!


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