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Squatters Craft Beers | Outer Darkness

Squatters Craft Beers | Outer Darkness

It’s time to kick it old school. The craft beer boom of the last several years has everyone chasing the newest, most hoppy, most sour, fruitiest, haziest, or rarest barrel aged beast out there. We admit, we’ve caught ourselves in the Untappd beer culture looking to add precious notches to our belts. We have saved that special beer for that 500th, 1000th and so on badge. Experiencing new beer is always going to be a blast. But there is something to be said about going back to the beginning and rediscovering great beer from your past.

In this particular case, we like to revisit Salt Lake’s own, Squatter’s Outer Darkness Imperial Stout. This dark horse holds a special place in our hearts because it was the initial dark beer we both agreed was “very tasty.” We recall traveling to the nearby ski town of Park City to attend a concert, stopping by the PC Squatters/Wasatch Brewery for dinner and a beer prior to the festivities. Even back then we were looking to try something new to add to the Untappd total. We ordered Outer Darkness and with a shocked look, the waiter said, “Is this just for one of you?”

Squatters Craft Beers | Outer Darkness
Courtesy Chris Hollands & Sylvia Hollands

You see, a few years back Outer Darkness was only available in the larger, bomber size. So, with the advice of the cautious waiter, we conceded to share the Outer Darkness between the two of us. This turned out to be a turning point in our beer lives because we had found a beefy dark beer we could both agree was really good. This was our gateway beer to the dark side.

Recently a shift happened and canning of this Utah classic commenced. We feel like this is one of the best moves for this particular beer. A 12 ounce Outer Darkness will certainly give the warm and cozy feelings, where as a 22er might be the start of a black out.

Outer Darkness is a Russian Imperial Stout. As you might expect, when the beer is poured, a roasted motor oil color coats the glass. With its creamy mouthfeel, it’s surprising to see the massive bubbles that form while falling into the glass. And, although the toffee colored head quickly dissipates, it has the ability to measure each sip by creating a sticky ring all the way down the glass as it recedes to the bottom. This great stout smells like 66% cacao and over-scooped, under-watered black coffee. A medium carbonated sip gives an intense blast of dark chocolate, fading to a subtle sweet raisin, all the while keeping you unaware of the 10.5% ABV.

It’s pleasing that Outer Darkness is available virtually always. And, in a time when some of the new trendy beers are really hard to get your hands on, this is very comforting. Squatters is one of the oldest Utah craft breweries pumping out quality, classic beers for nearly three decades. With their old ways, they do it right, from the beginning. And, it is fun to look for the newest and next greatest thing, but we always encourage you to take a look back to where it all started.


Chris & Sylvia are a #craftbeercouple who love everything beer! Check them out on Instagram @chrishollands & @sylily

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