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Urban Brew Labs | Currantly Unavailable (Gose)

Currantly Unavailable
Jeff Knese

Some beers are easy to categorize. Then there are beers like Currantly Unavailable. Currantly Unavailable from Urban Brew Labs is not a beer that fits neatly into any one box and that’s a great thing. This black currant and lime Gose has a unique taste that is worth experiencing.

Fruit Beers

When done well, the use of fruit in beer seems effortless. It’s almost like you plucked a fantasy berry from a Berliner Weiss tree or a Gose bush. Unfortunately, scientists aren’t prioritizing the development of alcoholic fruit beer shrubs, so we need to continue to rely on craft brewers to keep the ball moving forward. 

The truth is, it isn’t always easy to properly incorporate fruit into a beer. It’s important to consider the beer’s integrity while ensuring the fruit element complements the overall flavor. If brewed poorly, the beer can be too fruity, not fruity enough, or in some cases, cause explosions if the fruit addition continues to ferment in the cans.

Beer or Slushy?

An expertly crafted fruit beer is exactly what Urban Brew Labs achieved with the release of Currantly Unavailable. Currantly Unavailable is a Sour Fruited Gose brewed with black currant, lime, coriander, and Himalayan sea salt. It almost sounds like something you might see on the Sonic Drive-In slushy menu alongside a cherry limeade or blue raspberry slush. While this beer is as fun as a Sonic slushy, it’s also much more complex. 

Currantly Unavailable pours a deep maroon or burgundy color with a pink head. This 5.5% alcohol Gose is a highly-carbonated tart fruit experience from the start. It is refreshing, but it also takes you on a bit of a taste journey.

The currant and lime flavors are very present. When combined with the coriander and sea salt, the effect is a sweet, tart (a mild pucker), fruit-forward, and sour. The high-carbonation is also an aspect that can’t be ignored. It gives Currantly Unavailable an effervescent quality not often experienced at your average brewpub. This beer is a great combination of approachability and packed with flavor.

Brewed by Women


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The women of Urban Brew Labs brewed Currantly Unavailable for International Women’s Day in March of 2022. Unlike some breweries that specialize in a specific style, Urban Brew Labs takes on any and every style. Their taproom menu often features Lager, Altbier, Pale Ale, Kölsch, IPA, Blond Ale, Belgian Tripel, Sour, Stout, and even Non-Alcoholic beers.  

Speaking of their taproom, Urban Brew Labs recently opened its taproom in July of 2021. Urban Brew Labs is a relative newcomer to the Chicago beer scene, having started production in 2017. They picked a terrific location for their taproom in the former Koval distillery in Chicago’s famous Malt Row.

Malt Row, on Chicago’s North Side, is rapidly becoming a powerhouse in craft beer. Within just a couple of miles of Urban Brew Labs, you’ll also find Half Acre Beer, Spiteful Brewing Co, Dovetail, Empirical, Begyle, and Cultivate by Forbidden Root.

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