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Texas Craft Brewers Festival Beer List Announced


The Texas Craft Brewers Festival returns September 30 to Fiesta Gardens and features 68 craft breweries. Tickets will sell out, so get yours in advance today! See the official beer list below.

New this year, kick off the event weekend starting Friday September 29 at the new opening night Partners in Craft celebration.

Follow event news on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and use hashtag #TXbrewersfest

The 2017 Texas Craft Brewers Fest Beer List

(512) Brewing Company (512) Gin Wit Gin Barrel Aged Belgian Style Witbier 5.1 10 (512) Wit is a Belgian style wheat beer brewed with organic barley and malted and unmalted wheat. Hops, coriander seed and grapefruit peel add a twist on this traditional Belgian abbey style. It’s refreshing and light, but full of flavor. We aged some in emptied Gin barrels for a few months and Wow! This beer has oak and subtle gin botanical spiciness. don’t miss it.
(512) Brewing Company (512) Whiskey Barrel Aged Double Pecan Porter Robust Porter brewed with organic texas pecans aged in oak whiskey barrels 9.5 30 (512) WBADPP is our signature Pecan Porter doubled up and aged in recently emptied oak whiskey barrels for two months. It’s a real treat. Whiskey, coffee, chocolate and pecans come together with rich sweetness to form a unique flavor that we’ve grown to love ever since it’s first release in 2010.
Adelbert’s Brewery Lemon Rye Mosiac Pale Ale 4.5 35 This easy drinking beer is made with lemon peel and rye then dry hopped with a generous helping of Mosiac hops. The result is a blend of citrus, earthy pine, tropical fruit and subtle rye notes creating a highly crushable, refreshing beer.
Adelbert’s Brewery Tripel B Tripel 9.3 24 This complex, straw-colored ale has clove and pear aromas. A marriage of spicy and fruity flavors help perfectly balance its elegant malt profile.
Adelbert’s Brewery Hibiscus Saison Saison 5.6 28 This saison’s vibrant pink color inspired us to give a percentage of the proceeds to the Breast Cancer Resource Center. Brewed with hibiscus flowers and dry hopped with Citra, this ale blends a hint of tartness with tropical fruit and citrus notes.
Adelbert’s Brewery Contemplating Waterloo Gin Barrel Aged Saison 9.1 21 While enjoying a beer with our good friends at Treaty Oak Distilling Co., we contemplated the possibilities of aging our beers in their barrels. Soon we were filling their Waterloo Antique Gin barrels with Philosophizer, our spicy and citrusy saison. A complex array of lavender, juniper and oak from the barrel balanced with the Philosophizer to create a smooth, warming ale.
Alamo Beer Co. Alamo Amber Lager Vienna Lager 4.7 24 Malty with notes of caramel that finish dry on the palate
Alamo Beer Co. Alamo German Pale Ale Pale Ale 5.2 50 Hoppy and complex, notes of citrus and tangerine accent this German version of an American classic.
Altmeyer & Lewis Brewing Company A&L Bock Bock 8 30 German Traditional Bock lager.  Brewed according to the German law of purity, A&L Bock has a dark amber hue with mild hop bitterness.  Chocolate and roasted malt, and strong finish.
Altmeyer & Lewis Brewing Company A&L Hefeweizen Hefeweizen 5.5 15 A&L Hefeweizen is a seasonal rotator for spring/summer.  Brewed to be subtle and light, but retain all of the traditional characteristics of the Hefe style.  Wheat and Pilsner malt, Noble Saaz hops.
Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co. Velvet Revolution Bohemian-Style Pilsener 5 40 Our Ode to Plzen
Josef Groll mashed the first Pilsener in the Bohemian town of Plzen on October 5, 1842 and it was unlike any beer that had ever been made – an aromatic, golden-blond, full-bodied lager. We brew ours with all Czech malt and Saaz hops and lager it for nine weeks. Cheaper than a ticket to Prague!
Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co. Sassy Tugboat American-Style India Pale Ale 6.4 65 It’s Tug Time!
A fruity, fun IPA with Simcoe and Citra hops giving you a big, juicy toot-toot… and a proprietary blend in the dry-hopping for that extra sassiness you crave.
Austin Beerworks Lazer Salad Double IPA 9 55 Pew Pew Pew!
Austin Beerworks Flavor Country Hoppy Pale Ale 5.8 40 As the sun lowers westward and the eagles scream, “Screee!”, sit back and enjoy a Flavor Country.
Austin Beerworks Latin Words Tart Brett Beer 3.5 2 Tart wheat beer fermented with Brettanomyces.
Austin Beerworks Guard Tower Biere de Garde 5.5 15 Old World, rustic malts and a subdued Belgian yeast profile combine for rich complexity and easy drinking.
B-52 Brewing Co. Saison Hop Saison / Farmhouse Ale 5.6 20 A classic-style executed in an unconventional way, no two batches of our Saison Hop are ever the same because we heavily dry-hop each barrel with rotating varietals. The moment this beer washes over your palate, it will be immediately clear this is anything but your run-of-the-mill Saison—the hoppiness is generous at its mildest, and borderline-overpowering at its most-pronounced, with a consistently subtle malt flavor throughout. When the dog days of summer roll around, this is one of our favorite beers to kick-back and cool off with.
B-52 Brewing Co. Ze CrHAZY German Hazy IPA 7.6 45 Hazy IPA made with all German ingredients for Oktoberfest
Bearded Fox Brewing Co. Aunt Rose Helles Lager 5.5 15 Biscuity malts balance well with German hops to create our most approachable beer. Enjoyed by the craft beer aficionado, as well as the craft beer newcomer, the distinctive red hue and malty character give way to a smooth, crisp finish
Bearded Fox Brewing Co. G.O.A.T. Imperial IPA 8.5 70 Bright and sweet malts are balanced with generous portions of Columbus, Golding, and Fuggle hops with local honey added right before fermentation. Tones of caramel stand up to the strong, but pleasant hop finish and high ABV to create an IPA for all to enjoy.
Big Bend Brewing Co. Total Commitment American Strong Ale 14 30 Rubicon-Crossing Strong Ale
Big Bend Brewing Co. Barrel-aged Marfa Light Russian Imperial Stout 12 65 Russian Imperial Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels
Big Bend Brewing Co. Dark Sky Double Chocolate Porter 8 32 Double Chocolate Porter brewed in collaboration with Austin-based “SRSLY Chocolate” bean-to-bar chocolate makers
Big Bend Brewing Co. Balmorhea Imperial Berliner Weisse 7.2 7 Imperial Berliner Weisse, kettle-soured with Lactobacillus
Black Star Co-op Waterloo Berliner Weisse w/ Apricots 3.1 6 Tart wheat beer re-fermented with apricots. Tart, dry and fruity.
Black Star Co-op Pneuma West Coast style Pale Ale 5.6 35 Crisp, West Coast inspired pale ale brewed with Cascade, Centennial and Citra hops.
Blue Owl Brewing Saison Puede Harvest 2017 Farmhouse-style ale aged in red wine barrels with wild yeast and refermented with freshly harvested red grape pomace 5.8 24 Farmhouse-style ale aged in red wine barrels with wild yeast and refermented with freshly harvested red grape pomace.  45 SUs
Blue Owl Brewing Little Gose Gose w/ tangerine, Thai basil, and sea salt 3.5 7 The name says it all!  50 SUs
Blue Owl Brewing Wet Hop Totem (w/ Simcoe Wet Hops) Sour IPA w/ Wet Hops 6.7 56 Tropical Citra hops meet the freshly harvested, whole-leaf, stone fruit laden Simcoe hops. 55 SUs
Blue Owl Brewing Czech Czech Sour Pilsner 4.8 35 “I’m really impressed here. This is a two for one. Focus on the pilsner and it’s strongly there. Focus on the sour and it’s there. Balanced” –Andy L., Untappd.
Bluebonnet Beer Company Oktoberfest Oktoberfest/Märzen 5 25 A classically-styled German festbier. Rich and malty flavor balanced with noble German hops that finishes smooth and clean.
Bluebonnet Beer Company Wit Belgian Witbier 5.4 16 Bright and refreshing! Spiced with Seville orange peels, freshly-cracked coriander and a hint of pure chamomile, this very popular Belgian-style wheat beer drinks well on a hot Texas day.
Braman Brewery Texas Reserve IPA IPA 6.3 64 This well balanced IPA has a moderate bitterness with great floral aroma.
Braman Brewery Double Action IPA Double IPA 8.7 110 A very well balanced Double IPA with sweet floral aroma
Brazos Valley Brewing Company Lost Highway Galaxy IPA Galaxy Hop IPA 6.7 60 A light and refreshing IPA, Galaxy hops add mellow tropical flavors and aroma, balanced with just enough malt to create a subtle bitter finish.
Brazos Valley Brewing Company Willin’ Mosaic Pale Pale Ale 5.2 40 A hop forward pale using Mosaic and Comet hops all added post boil to maximize the mango and citrus flavor and aroma.
Brigadoon Brewery & Brew School Scottish Scottish 60 Shilling 6.1 35 A low alcohol, low hopped and low carbonated beer designed to be drunk at your local pub at the end of a long work day. Each taste is a wee bit of history. Nice well-rounded taste of bold malts, sweet smacks of grain, then swept around and out with a lovely, slightly hoppy finish. A higher level of unfermented sugars create a rich mouth feel, with malty flavors and aroma. Overall hop character is low, light floral, herbal, allowing this style’s signature malt profile to be the center of attention.
Scottish Light 60 Shilling
Brigadoon Brewery & Brew School Green Ogre IPA Imperial IPA 8.9 73 First brewed in England and exported for the British troops in India during the late 1700’s.  To withstand the voyage IPA’s were basically tweaked Pale Ales that were, in comparison, much more malty, boasted a higher alcohol content and were well-hopped, as hops  are a natural preservative.
This IPA is wonderfully balanced- it won’t destroy your palate, but it also provides a nice kick of hop flavor that you would want from an IPA.  The addition of the cascade hops helps diffuse some of the English malt mouth feel and brings forth a nice refreshing citrus note at the end.
Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co Crush City IPA 7 60 Bright citrusy mandarina hops make this IPA super crushable
Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co Amaretto by Morning Cream Ale 5.9 28 Cream Ale with almond extract, Amaya Temporada espresso beans, and vanilla bean
Cedar Creek Brewery Dankosaurus IPA American IPA 6.8 65 The key to this beer is that we used actual dinosaurs bones. Okay, that was a lie. But we did throw enough hops in here to bury a Brontosaurus. Inspired by some of our favorite West Coast IPAs the bold pine, citrus, peach, and tangerine hop flavors along with a clean bitterness are balanced by that velvety malt backbone. This beautiful blend of flavor and drinkability showcases the truly unique Eureka! hops, which we find to be wonderfully juicy and dank. You don’t need tiny arms and a huge head to enjoy this mammoth IPA!
Cedar Creek Brewery Catastrophic Failure American Sour Ale 6.1 7 Sour with a nice lactic acidity that is surprisingly drinkable. Tart &
Celis Brewery Celis White Belgian Wheat 4.9 20 Slighty tart fruit flavor notes balanced with light maltiness and wheat. Finishes with complex spice and citrus for a refreshing taste.
Celis Brewery Celis Citrus Grandis East Coast IPA 5 45 Bold grapefruit, orange rinds. Melon, passionfruit, pineapple and light peach notes come afterwards with gentle pine and resin bitterness.
Celis Brewery Celis Pale Bock Bock 4.9 25 Subdued berry and caramel malts, a touch of citrus, and hints of herbs and spices. Light bitterness from noble hops and roast from the malt.
Circle Brewing Co. Blur Texas Hefe South German Hefeweizen 4.6 12 This Texas twist on the German wheat beer brings a hint of caramel to a crisp and refreshing style.  The citrus aroma plays off the light and creamy body to create a beer that has no rival whether you enjoy it in the sun or in the shade.
Circle Brewing Co. Tuxedo Tshirt Black IPA 6.5 41 We like to picture our Black IPA in a Tuxedo Tshirt. Because it says it’s formal, but it’s down to party. We like to party, so we want our Black IPA to party too. Rolling five deep, with its friends Mosaic, Simcoe, Cascade, Columbus, and Zythos, Tuxedo Tshirt won’t hesitate to hop burst all over your taste buds…but in a classy way.
Community Beer Company Mosaic IPA India Pale Ale 8.6 85 This is not your average IPA.  From the incredible nose to the amazing finish, this is an IPA that both session drinkers and beer nerds alike will love.  Named for the generous use of Mosaic hops, and the diversity of people that visit our brewery and enjoy our beers each day.  This beer is dominated by hoppy flavors & aromas of mango, papaya and blueberry all carefully balanced by an exquisite malt backbone.
Community Beer Company Texas Helles Helles Lager 5 15 Texas Helles is a crisp, golden lager, fashioned after the highly drinkable beers found in the boisterous beer halls of Bavaria.  All-German malts create a slightly sweet front balanced by noble Hallertau hops in the finish.  Coupled with our long, cold lagering process to ensure a smooth and highly drinkable brew.
Community Beer Company Public Ale English Style ESB 5.5 38 INspired by British public houses, or “pubs”, this beer was brewed to bring people together!  It showcases all English ingredients including heirloom Maris Otter malt and East Kent Golding hops making for a most balanced & delicious brew, regardless of what side of the pond you’re from!
Community Beer Company Yessir! Pale Ale American Pale Ale 5.2 32 Refreshingly dry, hop forward American-style Pale Ale showcasing Eureka & Lemon Drop hops.  Lemon zest & tangerine dominate the flavor profile.
Deep Ellum Brewing Company Hop Seeker Wet Hop American Pale Ale 5.6 64 Hop Seeker is a 100% wet hop ale with fresh cut Centennial hops in the initial boil and Equinox in the dry hop. Notice a pronounced aroma profile with citrus, tropical fruit, floral and herbal characteristics.
Deep Ellum Brewing Company Deep Ellum IPA India Pale Ale 7 70 For an IPA to bear our hometown name, it better be potent. So we loaded it with our favorite American hops for a bitter punch. And with some over-the-top tropical fruit, citrus, pine and floral aromas and flavors, you’ve got one big Texas IPA, deserving of the Deep Ellum name.
Deep Ellum Brewing Company Deep Ellum Lager Pale Lager 4.8 20 This crushable rye lager is our throwback to great show beer. Inspired by soft pilsner malt, we use rye malt for flavor and spice it up with hops from the Czech Republic. Deep Ellum Lager has a distinct light body, earthy, and floral aroma that will leave you thirsting for an encore. Rock out with your lager out!
Deep Ellum Brewing Company Dallas Blonde Blonde Ale 5.2 23 This shimmering, golden ale combines citrusy and floral American hops with Pale, Vienna and Wheat malts. It’s a beautifully balanced, sessionable brew. Guaranteed to deliver more fun—go blonde.
Flying Man Brewing Company Weedhopper Honey Wheat Kotbusser 5.6 17 Kotbusser is a type of German ale, and cousin to the family of white beers due to the use of wheat malt. This crisp, golden-colored ale is brewed with wheat, oats and barley, and moderately hopped with a healthy addition of noble hops to create a floral bouquet in the aroma. Honey and molasses add a subtle complexity that sets this beer apart from other wheat beers. Think of it as an alt-beer with a twist.
Flying Man Brewing Company Coffin Corner Porter Porter 6.7 37 Our Tangerine Chocolate Porter is extremely well balanced.  A roasted malt flavor from chocolate malts and raw cocoa nibs.   Hints of tangerine in the finish adds to the complexity and enhances the overall flavor.
Four Corners Brewing Co Sol YLuna Hoppy Lager 4.8 22 Mellow flavors of pilsner malt with a burst of crisp hops and aromas of summer citrus.
Four Corners Brewing Co El Chingon IPA 7.6 73 A smack of hop machismo!
Freetail Brewing Co. Bat Outta Helles Munich Helles 4.7 22 Traditional, but not your typical pale lager, Bat Outta Helles comes to you fresh from the heart of San Antonio and celebrates our own long brewing heritage. Brewed with German Pilsner and Munich malts, German hops and Edwards Aquifer water.  Pale straw color, freshly baked bread and subtle citrus and herbal hop notes.
Freetail Brewing Co. Tropical Punch Bexarliner Berliner Style Weiss with Fruit 5.8 5 As spring slides to summer, we bring you this wistful twist on our tart seasonal Berliner Weisse. Brewed with hibiscus flowers and refermented with pink guava, passionfruit and mango. Tart, refreshing and a lil’ sweet, this ale highlights what fruit can contribute to beer and vise versa.
Friends and Allies Brewing Company Springdale White Ale 6 15 This white ale pours a cloudy pale straw. It has a moderate body with a creamy and effervescent flavor. You will note aromas of cracker, vanilla, herb/spice, light citrus, apples, and pears.
Friends and Allies Brewing Company Fresh Coast IPA 7.5 100 This IPA pours golden orange with a moderate body. It is hop forward with low malt complexity and aromas of tropical fruit, pine, and citrus.
Holler Brewing IPA IPA 6.6 60 Hoppy and bitter, showcasing modern American hop characteristics.
Holler Brewing Dollar Pils Y’all Pilsner 5.4 30 Crisp, clean, and refreshing German style Pils showcasing quality malt and hops.
Hops & Grain Brewing Haze County Double IPA Double IPA 9.6 65 Haze county is our take on a big ol hoppy, hazy, juicy double IPA.  This perfect is perfect for sunshine or for tucking yourself in at night.  A hefty blend of some of our favorite hops like Calypso, Meridian and Mosaic deliver notes of melon, grapefruit, juicy fruit gum and an appropriate dankness.
Hops & Grain Brewing Volumes of Oak: Belgian Style Saison Mixed Culture Saison 5.7 18 Our Belgian Style Saison is a result of 10 months of aging in one of our American Oak foeders with a blend of 3 wild yeast strains as well as our house Saison yeast.  Notes of oak and a slight earthy funk are prominent on the nose and the flavor follows with a complex blend of fruity yeast esters, some pleasant funk and hints of vanilla and coconut in the finish.
Hops & Grain Brewing Lupulin Rodeo IPA IPA 6.7 45 Lupulin Rodeo is part of our commitment to excessive usage of hops! Blending 6 varieties together, including hops in both pellet and LupuLN2 powder form, creates a beer with a rich grapefruit pithy dankness and a juicy, tropical finish.
Hops & Grain Brewing 7870Blue Kolsch with Blueberries 5.2 18 We took our traditional German style Kolsch, 78702, and added some tasty blueberries to it! The result is a light earthiness coupled with a touch of blueberry sweetness, perfect for sipping in the sunshine!
Idle Vine Brewing Company Stygian Dark Saison 8.7 30 Steej-ee-uh-n: Dark, gloomy, infernal, relating to the river Styx. However, there’s no reason to fear this beer. Within its deep ruby-brown color hides intense flavors of dark fruit and  tartness. Saisons don’t always need to be bright and bubbly and Stygian is a perfect example of breaking the style barrier. The highlight of this Saison  is our specialty Saison yeast strain which imparts a slightly dry acidity that balances the deep flavor and complex body.
Idle Vine Brewing Company Idle Vine IPA American India Pale Ale 7.3 69 An IPA so damn good we named it after our brewery. This West Coast style IPA is packed full of Columbus, Citra and Amarillo hops that just can’t be beat. Small amounts of Vienna and Crystal malts compliment the base grain and balance out the overall bitterness of Idle Vine IPA. Whole leaf and pellet hops are added very late in the boil giving this beer an intense floral and citrusy aroma, but keeping the drinkability at an all time high.
Infamous Brewing Company Oktoberfest Marzan Style Lager 6 20 Oktoberfest / Marzen style lager.
Infamous Brewing Company That Gose For All Y’all Kettle Soured Wheat Beer With Sea Salt 3.7 10 Wheat Beer Kettle Soured with L. Brevis
Jester King Brewery Cherry Funk Metal Sour Barrel-Aged Stout Refermented with Cherries 9.5 20 SHUT UP & LISTEN & CHERRIES.
Jester King Brewery Provenance Lemon-Lime Saison made with TX Lemons & Limes 6 24 Mixed-culture fermented saison brewed with TX lemons and limes.
Last Stand Brewing Company Citra SMaSH IPA IPA 7.4 60 This Single Malt and Single Hop (SMaSH) IPA is brewed with German Pale malt and Citra hops for bittering and aroma. It has strong notes of citrus, grapefruit, melon and passion fruit.
Last Stand Brewing Company Coffee Porter Coffee Porter 6.3 30 Our Coffee Porter is brewed with German pale and specialty malts. After fermentation is complete we add cold brewed coffee from local roaster Summer Moon. It has a distinct coffee aroma and flavor on top of our robust porter base.
Live Oak Brewing Co. Heller Rauch Smoked pale lager 4.4 20 Smoked pale malt, noble hops, well lagered
Live Oak Brewing Co. Helles Lager Helles Lager 4.4 20 Pale malt, noble hops, well lagered
Lone Pint Brewery Gentleman’s Relish English Brown Ale 6.2 28 Our Brown Ale gives a nod to the Northern English Brown style. However, since defeating the English in 1783, it is analogistic that the American version be stronger to reflect on England’s vanquishment. Gentleman’s Relish uses Maris Otter malt as the base, augmented with dark crystal and chocolate malts. Whole cone English hops are used throughout the boil, imparting their characteristic smooth bitterness. The beer is named after an Englishman’s favorite snack, an anchovy paste, typically eaten on toast.
Tasting notes: dark brown with a thick creamy head; chocolate-caramelly-nuttiness yields to a clean hoppy finish.
Lone Pint Brewery The Jabberwocky Imperial India Pale Ale 8.5 114 Our Imperial India Pale Ale uses Golden Promise malt and two very pungent whole cone American hops. This brew is hopped so heavily that post-boil, after all of the wort has been transferred to the fermenter, the hop mass at the bottom of the kettle is more than one foot deep. Post-fermentation, Jabberwocky is dry hopped with colossal amounts of the same two hops. The beer is named after a monster we all hold dear.
Tasting notes: deep golden with a head made of hop resin; light malt breadiness hidden beneath an onslaught of pungent hoppy tropical-fruitiness.
Lorelei Brewing Company Czech your self before you wreck yourself Bohemian Pilsner 5.1 35 Crisp and clean pils with a good Saaz hops bite.
Lorelei Brewing Company Manatus New England IPA 7.2 30 Smooth and juicy IPA with lemon and green tea flavor.
Martin House Brewing Company The Salty Lady Gose 5.2 6 Tart, lemony, effervescent German wheat with Himalayan pink salt and coriander.
Martin House Brewing Company Friday IPA IPA 6 59 Juicy, sessionable IPA with Mosaic, Simcoe, and Amarillo over a kick of bitter Chinook.
New Braunfels Brewing Company Saison de Pasteque Watermelon sour saison 6.3 14 Our 85%wheat Farmhouse Hefeweizen, Blondine, refermented in barrel with fresh TX watermelons and our house mixed culture.
The fruit is pressed off twice and bottle and keg conditioned with fresh wort.
The watermelon flavors are dominant with a clean, lactic tartness and a crisp finish
New Braunfels Brewing Company Das Lokal Blend 4.6 Reserve Red Wine Sour Wheat 5.6 14 Our 85% wheat Farmhouse Hefeweizen, Blondine, spends 3-4 months in wet TX red wine barrels with lees and our mixed culture.
Blend4.6Reserve was aged in 20%abv port barrels from Copper Star Cellars. The Black Spanish fruit was grown just outside of Seguin.
The beer is wine-forward with a dry, acidic personality.
Nine Band Brewing Co Hoopsnake Hefewiezen Hefeweizen 5.3 7 traditional southern German wheat beer, with hints of banana and clove
Nine Band Brewing Co Blue Lacy Brown Ale American brown ale 6.1 23 traditional American brown ale, well balanced malt and hops, lots of Gambrinus honey malt with a slight hint of chocolate malt
No Label Brewing Co. Sittin’ Sidehaze NEIPA 6.7 55 very hazy gold color, reminiscent of fruit juice, white head. Bright fruity aroma, with notes of tropical fruit, pineapple, and melon.
No Label Brewing Co. 1980s Kolsch Kolsch 5.2 22 very pale yellow, with delicate white head. Light grainy-sweet aroma with very subtle yeast fruitiness (apple-like) and finishes with a very slight spicy hop character. Flavor is soft, with a slight fruit and honey-like sweetness including a light hop bite, rounds out with a clean, but dry finish.
North by Northwest Porchtime German-style Pilsner 5.2 35 Porchtime is our take on the classic German style Pilsner lager. It has a clean and smooth malt character, well-balanced with thirst quenching bitterness that fades into a beautiful floral bouquet with spicy, noble hop overtones.  With one of these, it’s always Porch Time!  Prost!!
North by Northwest Zombie Dragon N.E. style IPA 7.1 46 Brewed to celebrate NXNW’s 18th anniversary, Zombie Dragon is our latest in our rotating IPA series. Heavily hopped with Mosaic and El Dorado hops in the whirlpool and dry hopped multiple times, it has a big, juicy hop character without being overly bitter.
Oak Highlands Brewery Freaky Deaky Belgian Tripel 10 47 Belgian Tripel brewed with American Hops yielding a spicy, complex flavor
Oak Highlands Brewery Oktoberfest Marzen 5.8 24 Traditional Marzen lager that is copper in color with a rich, malty backbone and mild hop profile.  10% o the proceeds from the sale of OHB’s Oktoberfest are donated to a local breast cancer charity.  So help us find a cure by enjoying this fall favorite.
Orf Brewing Hoprocker India Red Ale 6.5 62 Hoprocker is a hybrid between an Irish red and a traditional IPA. Deep crimson in color with a floral nose, plenty of hop bitterness is balanced out by caramel malty sweetness.
Orf Brewing Oocheenama Asian white ale 5.4 16 Oocheenama is a “Asian white ale,” a cross of a Japanese rice lager and a Belgian wit. Made with both rice and wheat, and spiced with ginger, nutmeg, orange peel and jasmine flower petals, it is light-bodied and aromatic with a snap at the end.
Oskar Blues Brewery Austin Dale’s Pale Ale American Pale Ale 6.5 65 A voluminously hopped motha of a pale ale delivers a Hoppy nose but balanced flavored of pale malts and citrusy floral hops from start to finish.
Oskar Blues Brewery Austin Oskar Blues IPA Metamodern style IPA 6.4 70 Malt barley and red wheat combine to create a clean malt backbone with foolproof flavor and mouthfeel to support the main act of Enigma, Vic Secret, Ella, Topaz, and Galaxy hops. The Hops strum juicy and sweet aromas with headline notes of passion fruit, raspberries, pineapple, and citrus.
Oskar Blues Brewery Austin Mamas Little Yella Pils Czech style pilsner 5.3 35 Built with 100% pale malt, german specialty malts, and Saaz+Aramis hops. Light, crisp, clean, refreshing beer with a little lemon sweetness!
Oskar Blues Brewery Austin G’Knight Imperial Red IPA 6.7 60 This “velvet M-80” is a hefty, dry hopped double red IPA with a nose full of aroma, a sticky mouthfeel, a malty middle, and unctuous hop flavors. It sports a surprisingly sensuous finish for a beer of its size 😉
Pedernales Brewing Company Lobo Oktoberfest German Style Marzen 6 20 This classic German Fest Bier is full of malty goodness with notes of bread, biscuit and caramel.  We used 100% German malt and hops to make this a true Munich style lager!
Pedernales Brewing Company Schwarz Dropper Imperial Schwarbier 8.5 60 This big, black lager is full of roast coffee and chocolate flavors and aromas.  We took our Lobo Negro and jacked it up on steroids.  Be careful though, it just might make you drop your Schwarz!
Pegasus City Brewery Highpoint English Mild Ale 5.3 20 Our flagship beer, Highpoint is a light-bodied, copper-colored ale that was first brewed and enjoyed on our very own porch, earning its ‘Porch Ale’ title. A truly refreshing choice with a clean finish and toasted malt aroma.
Pegasus City Brewery Texican Black Lager 5.2 21 Don’t let its color fool you, this delicious lager is light-bodied and extra smooth. With its mix of German and Mexican lager flavors, this beer celebrates the roots of our great state.
Peticolas Brewing Company Velvet Hammer Imperial Red Ale 9 85 A tribute to our favorite Brewmaster, Greg Matthews, the Velvet Hammer appears as a dark, ruby reddish-brown ale beneath a sheath of protective off-white foam. It is malt-forward with elements of caramel and the sweetness of light brown sugar, balanced nicely by a combination of floral hops and a noticeable alcohol bite. It’s a sturdy brew with a smooth character which belies both an inner strength and a slightly full body, along with a moderate bitterness to round out the taste.
Peticolas Brewing Company Sit Down Or I’ll Sit You Down Imperial IPA 10 90 The intent with the beer is to exhibit the fresh and bright character of the hops. We dry hopped it with over a pound of hops per barrel of beer. It’s gold in color and the floral ester aroma is high. The hop bitterness is high, but not at all harsh. The hop flavor is high, fresh, and lively. Yet with all of our beers, it’s all about balance and this one is no exception. The malt character is fairly high and provides a tremendously full mouthfeel. Finally, the alcohol in this beer is intentionally present (and delicious).
Pinthouse Pizza Training Bines IPA 7 40 Inspired by the hop harvest, this hazy IPA is brewed with Citra, Simcoe & Mosaic Lupulin powder. Producing a bright, juicy fruit forward IPA with low bitterness and a soft mouthfeel.
Pinthouse Pizza Electric Jellyfish IPA 6.5 67 Our flagship IPA, noted for it’s hazy apperance and juicy hop profile. A dank, resionous IPA with flavors of grapefruit and tropical fruit. Showcasing- galaxy, simcoe, azacca and citra hops.
Rabbit Hole Brewing Off With Your Red Imperial Red IPA Imperial Red IPA 7.7 88 Off With Your Red is an aggressively hopped red IPA. The substantial malt backbone establishes the dark ruby/garnet color and supports the significant flavor and aroma additions of American Pacific Northwest hops. The hop nose is bright, resinous, and lingers to the end.
Rabbit Hole Brewing Shield Biter Strong Scotch Ale Strong Scotch Ale 8 25 Rich and malty, with a bold, complex caramel character.  Notes of plum and other dark fruit esters present themselves in the malt before fading to a lingering, slightly sweet finish.
Real Ale Brewing Co. Axis IPA IPA 7.1 60 Brewed for tap walls overrun with the white noise of West Coast IPA’s, here’s an offering so exotic, you’d think it was from another world. Like its namesake before it, the axis deer of Southern Asia, so too has this species of hop-forward animal magnetism come to invade the landscape of IPA’s that have long held sway over the taps of Texas’s finest watering holes. Tropical fruit, citrus, and a pale golden body, help keep this breed light on its feet. And with few natural predators there is little anyone can do to stop the spread.
Real Ale Brewing Co. Stoned Hans Dryhopped German Pilsner 5.3 50 A year and a half ago we turned 20. So did our friends at Stone. What better way to celebrate than with a nano-collab. Originally served in cask, Stoned Hans is everything we love about our German Pilsner, with the dryhop of an Arrogant Wussie.
Real Ale Brewing Co. ManEagle Dryhopped Blonde Ale 5.1 23 Sometimes when two worlds collide, rad shit happens. And sometimes, when you’re hell bent on ‘Merica, your blonde ale cries ‘Screeeee!!!’ Another cask-created, nano collab, inspired by the freedomest of all freedom days, July 4th. Firemans meets Fire Eagle; this #4 has talons.
Real Ale Brewing Co. Nomad Dryhopped Belgian Blonde 7 46 As we wander through the wide world of beer, we find ourselves evolving as nomads of sorts. Germany, Belgium, and the U.S. all infuse this culmination of our travels. We start with the noble roots of German hop varietals, ferment with our favorite Belgian yeast strain, and finish with a touch of American hop panache to bring it all together. The finished beer combines spice and clove with herbal citrus and a bright tropical finish. With depth and complexity we display the fruits of our years of travel.
Red Horn Coffee House and Brewing Co. Betcha A’ Dollar IPA American IPA 7.5 70 When the cat is away, the mice will Betcha’ A Dollar they can make a damn good beer! This is the first solo brew of the two Red Horn Assistant Brewers, Reno and Tyler, crafted when our head brewer was away for Thanksgiving. Generously hopped with Citra and Chinook hops, this IPA is piney on the nose, citrusy on the tongue with a delicate and delightful finish that is just peachy. American two row, Munich, and Crystal 60 malts offer a dry grainy backbone that highlights the hops so fresh like. Betcha’ A Dollar you’ll love this one !
Red Horn Coffee House and Brewing Co. House United Coffee Stout Coffee Stout 5.4 30 Our house specialty brew unites our two in house features, fresh roasted coffee and great craft beer. Brewed with six specialty malts and a light touch of lactose sugar at the end of the boil, our House United Stout is a rich, complex beer with a subtle sweetness and a big coffee finish.
Rentsch Brewery Weizenbock Weizenbock 5.8 20 Known as our Hefeweizen’s “big brother”, this full-bodied version brings a bolder flavor to the table. Rich malt character and a well-endowed body make this ale pair perfectly with a dinner of BBQ or Tex-Mex.
Rentsch Brewery Oktoberfest Oktoberfest 5.5 20 Oktoberfest beer, “nuff sed”.
Saint Arnold Brewing Company Raspberry AF Raspberry Berliner Weiss 3.6 7 Raspberry AF is a fruited Berliner Weisse. It is a light bodied but surprisingly flavorful sour wheat beer brewed with lots and lots of real raspberry. The flavor is an upfront, thirst quenching raspberry delight, followed by a tart and dry finish, making your palate thirst for more.
Saint Arnold Brewing Company Art Car IPA American IPA 7.1 44 Art Car IPA is an American IPA featuring a blend of both new and old hop varieties from the Pacific Northwest. The nose is a blend of apricot and tropical fruit and mango. The taste starts with a big bitter blood orange that morphs into mangos and sweet tropical fruits. There is a lightly sweet malt body that allows the hops to shine while maintaining a nice complexity to the flavors.
Saint Arnold Brewing Company 5 O’Clock Pils Bohemian Pils 5.2 40 5 O’Clock Pils is all about its two ingredients: pils malt and Saaz hops. This is the entire basis of the original Bohemian Pils style.The pils malt is light yet with a pleasant bready character, emphasized by the decoction mash wherein a portion of the mash is removed, boiled and added back. Saaz hops, the only hop that has never been hybridized dating back to when it was first cultivated from a wild plant around 1,000 years ago, gives a pleasant earthy spiciness.
Saint Arnold Brewing Company Divine Reserve 15 Russian Imperial Stout 10 46 This Divine Reserve was inspired by the winning entry of the 2007 Big Batch Brew Bash homebrew competition, brewed by Mike Heniff, a highly decorated local Houston homebrewer. Russian Imperial Stouts are very big and very black and this one is no exception.

It was first brewed as DR5. DR15 has a rich malty body full of coffee and chocolate flavors and a spiciness derived from the combination hops and high alcohol.

San Gabriel River Brewery, Inc San Gabriel APA Pale Ale 5.3 33 A citrus American pale ale, using a Columbus (Tomahawk) Hop and Lemon. Gives a nice crisp citrus flavor that is great on a hot Texas day.
San Gabriel River Brewery, Inc San Gabriel Oktoberfest Oktoberfest/Marzen 5 24 A smooth non lager Oktoberfest, great malt flavor with the perfect blend of german hops.
Southern Star Brewing Hecho en Conroe Mexican style lager 5.3 20 Our take on a Mexican-Style lager, Hecho en Conroe is brewed with a hefty amount of 100% texas grown non-GMO corn grits.  German hops and yeast are a nod to the style’s roots.
Southern Star Brewing Mango Theory Fruit IPA 6.8 65 Our Conspiracy Theory IPA gets a boost from the flavor and aroma of mango.  The flavors of fruit and hops blend well together to create a new IPA experience.
Spoetzl Brewery Shiner Oktoberfest Marzen 5.7 18 Classic award winning Marzen that is brewed with both U.S. and German Malts.  The Hallertau and Hersbrucker hops keep the Marzen tradition alive in Shiner Texas.  Prosit!
Spoetzl Brewery Shiner Golden Ale Golden Ale 4.6 22 The Shiner Golden Ale showcases the tropical fruity aroma of the dry hopped Mosaic Hops.  The sweetness of the malt balances the hops and is brewed with a clean, fast, dry finish.
St Elmo Brewing Company Carl Kolsch 4.5 27 Flowers, Green Grape, Smiles, Necessary
St Elmo Brewing Company Jan German IPA 7 45 Bavaria, Floral, Mandarin, Bi-Lingual
Strange Land Brewery Fleur D’ Oranger Belgian Tripel 8.1 30 Belgian Tripel brewed with orange blossom honey,coriander, and sweet orange peel.
Strange Land Brewery Headless Gentleman Imperial Bourbon Pumpkin Porter 8.9 41 Imperial Bourbon Porter brewery with pumpkin, holiday spices, and aged with bourbon oak.
Texas Beer Co Pecos Red lager 6 40 Red lager, rich malty body, flavorful hop and a smooth lager finish.
Texas Beer Co Colorado Pale Ale Pale Ale 5.5 45 A crisp pale ale, light in color, brite in flavor with a west coast twist.
The Collective Brewing Project Cup O Beer Japanese Gose 4.4 8 Our take on the Gose. Brewed with Ramen Noodles, Lime Zest, Ginger, Lemongrass and a Japanese sea salt that was cured un seaweed. Crisp, tart and lightly salty.
The Collective Brewing Project Brettshake Brett Milkshake IPA 6.5 59 Milkshake IPA with lactose and coconut sugars, vanilla, mosaic and citra hops. Fermented with Brettanomyces.
Thirsty Planet Brewing Double Buckethead IPA Double IPA 12 100 Big citric, piney nose with a warm alcoholic taste.
Thirsty Planet Brewing Hatchadillo Pepper beer 5.2 18 Big spicy aromatic pepper nose, light body, spicy pepper finish.
Thirsty Planet Brewing Pail Head American Pale Ale 5.2 48 Citrus and tropical fruit aromas, a hint of sweetness, with a sharp bitter finish.
Thousand Oaks Brewing Co. Thousand Oaks Red Inda Pale Ale Red IPA 6.1 63 This ale is very full in body and is complemented by the rich hop aromas. The addition of the Crystal hops, post fermentation brings an abundance of earthy, spicy and floral aromas out.
Thousand Oaks Brewing Co. Thousand Oaks Rye Blonde Ale Rye Blonde Ale 5.7 21 We chose rye for its unique characteristics, as well as, the absence of a Rye Blonde in the marketplace. The rye compliments the blonde very well, even though it only accounts for 4% of the total grain bill. The rye adds a touch of peppery notes on the backside of the ale that is enough for it to stand out without being overpowering.
TUPPS Brewery Cotton Mill Gold American Pale Ale 5.4 40 A full-flavored, citra-hopped Pale Ale.
TUPPS Brewery For Ella Double India Pale Ale 8.9 85 This Vic Secret, Ella and Galaxy hopped Double IPA is full of rich stone fruit, tropical flavors and aroma while remaining smooth.
TUPPS Brewery TUPPS IPA American India Pale Ale 7.1 60 This all Centennial IPA has a pleasant malt body and smooth, not overly bitter, pine and resin hop character.
TUPPS Brewery Texas Shade American Wheat 5.7 27 Brewed to be a light, flavored wheat beer with wheat, orange peel, and coriander.
Twin Peaks Brewing Co. Double Barrel Brown Ale Barrel Aged American Brown Ale 5.3 20 Our Knotty Brunette aged for several months in freshly emptied bourbon barrels. 2015 GABF Medal Winner
Twin Peaks Brewing Co. Dirty Blonde American Wit 5.3 18 American Wit brewed with wheat, orange peel, coriander, and American hops.
Twisted X Brewing Company Gulf Kolsch Blonde Ale Kolsch 5.1 20 Kolsch style blonde made with a blend of the finest European and Domestic malts for a smooth taste.
Twisted X Brewing Company Whoa-Mango IPA Flavored IPA 5.8 46 IPA with flavors of Mango, Peach and Citrus paired with tropical and citrus hop aromas for a new taste experience.
Uncle Billy’s Brewery Lazy Day Lager Lager 5.5 25 Lazy Day Lager features Vienna malts and Noble hops for an incredibly dry and drinkable brew. A golden libation that says slow down and savor the moments in every season.
Uncle Billy’s Brewery Berdoll Pecan Brown Ale Brown Ale 7.5 20 Lightly roasted pecans and a caramel finish with chocolate and warming overtones
Whistle Post Brewing Co Shoofly Coconut Lime Ale Golden Ale 5.2 18 Refreshingly delicious golden ale blended with toasted coconut and lime zest. Floral hop notes complement the fresh coconut and subtle tart lime character.
Whistle Post Brewing Co Lizard Scorcher IPA India Pale Ale 6.5 65 Ripe mango, fresh peaches, juicy tropical fruit flavors and a bitterness level that is refreshingly not going to bitter your face off.
Whitestone Brewery Gimme The Gold SMaSH Pale Ale 5.5 40 Pilsner and El Dorado single malt and single hop.  Tropical melon and stone fruit flavors from the El Dorado on full display and clean crispness with delicate malt tone throughout.
Whitestone Brewery Grand Daddy Bourbon Barrel Aged Baltic Porter Wood Barrel Aged Baltic Porter 9 20 A Baltic Porter style aged in Treaty Oak Red Handed Bourbon barrels for a bold, yet smooth finish.  Bourbon very present on the nose with hints of dark candy chocolate.  Low roast character with molasses and chocolate notes throughout, then transitioning to a slightly dry bourbon finish.
Zilker Brewing Company Chaos Magic Fruited American Kettle Sour 5.3 10 Blackberry Kettle Sour
Zilker Brewing Company Snake Juice American Double IPA 8.8 60 Double IPA w/Hallertau Blanc, Citra, Azacca.

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