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Wyndridge Farm | Crafty Cider

Wyndridge Farm | Crafty Cider
Stacey Goers

Wyndridge Farm does many things, but it truly does cider well.

The cidery, brewery, farm, restaurant, hard-soda maker and event space is in York County Pennsylvania, which borders Maryland and is straight north of Baltimore, south of Harrisburg and west of Lancaster. Wyndridge distributes throughout the East coast, and their Crafty Cider was a surprising addition to a supermarket in Northern Virginia.

ABV: 5.5%

This flagship cider is an overall easy path for beer lovers and wine drinkers to transition to the style. It simply tastes natural and is refreshing, from its bright carbonation to its lack of a heavy aftertaste. Wyndridge says its made with locally pressed apples and yeast and no added sweetness.

Once you pop the bottle’s cute fox tab, it pours clear, is straw-yellow to light gold and carries a cider’s distinctive bubbles.

Crafty Cider
Photo courtesy of Stacey Goers.

It is a Champagne-style cider and on taste, is reminiscent of a sparkling chardonnay, with plenty of pear and apple flavors. This makes it only somewhat sweet; it’s fruit-forward enough to be interesting.

Pour of cider
Pours light and clear. Photo courtesy of Stacey Goers.

Don’t push ciders aside this fall until you sample this straightforward, simple choice.

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