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Fort George Brewing | Cavatica Stout

Fort George Brewing | Cavatica Stout
Justin Carter

I’ve been drinking a lot of imperial stouts. Unlike most, I believe every season is stout season. Luckily for me it’s February and I don’t get flak for drinking a 12% Russian imperial stout. The proliferation of adjuncts to the market has been interesting. Brewers adding coffee, vanilla, cocoa, peppers, mint, you name it. While fun for the palate, I still prefer an adjunct-free stout. Let that malt shine, those chocolate and coffee notes should develop alone. One favorite is Cavatica Stout from Fort George Brewing.

A Web of Flavor

ABV: 8.8%

This Pacific Northwest brewery has concocted something special with this pitch black beer. Copious amounts of traditional stout flavors inundate your mouth. Semisweet chocolate, biscuit malt, cashew and dark roasted coffee abound. As the thick inky brew washes down, a welcomed burn will cut some of the sweetness leaving behind a chocolaty film.

Astoria, Oregon is known for two things; the spot where Lewis and Clark found the Pacific, and the locale for a bunch of movies (The Goonies, Short Circuit, Kindergarten Cop). Astoria should also be known for is this incredible stout.

Note From the Brewer:

“The name honors this brewer’s affinity with literary arachnids; the Latin root of Cavatica is cave, abyss or dark place. Be forewarned, this beer will stain your clothes.”


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