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Burial + Other Half | One For Me Helles Lager

Burial + Other Half | One For Me Helles Lager
Christopher Hilliard

Somehow I’ve managed to go years without reviewing a single thing from Burial Beer Company, one of the better-known, Asheville-based brewers in North Carolina. Today we make an end to that with One For Me, Burial’s collaboration Helles Lager brewed with Other Half Brewing out of New York.

The Beer

The story of this beer begins with the can art. Have a look…

Photo courtesy of Chris Hilliard

As I browsed the aisles of a local bottle shop, I was struck by this vivid, almost sinister image. A perched falcon and a coiled viper staring at God knows what, hopefully not me. Poised to kill, the creatures embody the sentiment expressed in the beer’s name, One For Me. In that spirit, I snagged the last one on the shelf, took it home, and cracked it open.

ABV: 5.5% | IBU: 25

It’s a bright and satisfying beer. You’ll get floral hops and grainy sweetness with a medium body. The alcohol is moderate at 5.5%, but keep in mind you’re getting a full pint in these cans. Overall, I’d say it’s pretty easy drinking for most beer drinkers and especially enjoyable in the warmer months.

The Artist

Before I leave you, I’d like to mention the wicked art, and more importantly the wicked artist, one more time. David Paul Seymour is the exclusive in-house artist for Burial and creates truly bold, metal-inspired art. Here’s a link to his Instagram, and some examples of his other work for Burial (below). Notice the black and white and grey-scale imagery and especially the sparing use of color. The contrast is striking, to say the least.

Photo courtesy of David Paul Seymour

As far as where to get it for yourself, I wish you luck. According to Burial’s own site, this was a one-off beer. So, your best bet is to say a prayer then scour the North Carolina section of your local bottle shop/beer store. After all, that’s how I found it.

Happy hunting!

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