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Springdale | Pearly Wit

pearly wit springdale

Experiments can foster great findings. Galileo and the theory of motion, Ivan Pavlov and dogs, Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier and oxygen.

Enter Springdale, stage left. Springdale is the experimental offshoot of Jack’s Abby, an award-winning creator of craft lagers based out of Framingham, Massachusetts. With a close association to Jack’s Abby, I knew Springdale was a promising brewery whose beers must have a lot of potential. I’ve never been to Springdale or tried their beer before, but living just an hour away from them leaves me no excuse!

Pearly Wit is one of the many beers to come out of the Springdale Barrel Room. I was surprised to learn that there are over 40 beers currently in their arsenal. With categories ranging from sour to fruit to oak and a bunch in between, Springdale has a lot to offer. It’s a huge lineup for an experimental offshoot! I’m not complaining, though. Trying one was long overdue and it did not disappoint.

springdale barrel room
Photo provided by Springdale Beer

ABV: 4.8%

Pearly Wit is full of citrus, tang and tartness, imparting a refreshing finish with a bit of spice that was perfect for a warm summer night. While I’ve said it before, that stouts are one of my favorite types of beer, Belgian styles rank right up there, too — witbiers included. Pearly Wit pours an elegant and vibrant goldenrod with wheat-y and orange aromas. It’s a beautiful color and one that matches the taste. While this will be a great year-round beer, sipping it with warm weather as a backdrop suited the drink well.

Light, highly-drinkable and crisp, it seems like Pearly Wit is personally a great introduction to Springdale. Not to mention, I love the pun, as well as the clean color palette and design of the can. After reading more about their lineup, I’ll be returning to try many more.

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