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Santa Fe Brewing Co. | Pepe Loco

pepe loco
Holly Priestley

Nobody really knows where Pepe came from, but legend has it he was born in the back of a dingy bar. As the story goes, his first drink was tequila. There are rumors his father was a traveling luchador and accidentally left him behind after one of his matches. A pack of coyotes found him and raised him as their own. Surely, you’ll hear a hundred more stories about his origins but one thing is clear: Wherever Pepe Loco came from, El Campeón is here to defend good taste, wear tight pants and give you a victory dance.

Santa Fe Brewing Co Pepe Loco
Santa Fe Brewing Co Pepe Loco

Pepe Loco is the newest release from Santa Fe Brewing Co. (SFBC) It’s a crisp, clean, clear Mexican Lager that’s so refreshing you could drink it all day. Research and development brewer David “Merkin” Ahern-Seronde crafted this beer for his love of Mexican Lagers and the complexity of trying to make the perfect rendition. “It’s a hell of a lot harder to make a clean, clear Mexican Lager that drinks well than a hoppy IPA,” Dave explains. This beer is smooth, balanced and completely crushable.

Ahern-Seronde made a test batch back in 2017 and SFBC was thrilled with it! It was exactly the kind of beer they had been looking to brew, and after a few months the brewery released the beer. The recipe required a few adjustments in order to ensure a decent shelf life once in a can, but Pepe has entered the ring!

Santa Fe Brewing Co Pepe Loco
Santa Fe Brewing Co Pepe Loco

Santa Fe Brewing Co. celebrated the beer’s release on Cinco de Mayo with parties at all four of their taproom locations.

Feature image courtesy of Santa Fe Brewing Co.

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