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Revolution Brewing Adds Hazy IPA to Year-Round Lineup

Revolution Brewing Adds Hazy IPA to Year-Round Lineup
Mike Zoller

One of Chicago’s most notable series of beers is getting a new year-round addition. Revolution Brewing’s Hero Series which features their iconic Anti-Hero is welcoming a hazy IPA, aptly named Hazy-Hero.

Many breweries around the country have started mass-producing and mass-releasing hazy beers such as Sierra Nevada and Bell’s, so to see Revolution jumping in the game is no surprise.

Hazy-Hero is an extremely well-done Hazy IPA that will appease the biggest craft beer drinkers all the way down to those trying a Hazy IPA for the first time. A lot of those more mainstream Hazy IPAs aren’t able to produce the same full mouthfeel, thicker body, and fruit-forward taste as Hazy-Hero. With a larger distribution network and potentially more time on shelves, they have had to adjust the recipe.

Revolution is only in a handful of states, mostly in the Midwest, so their mass-produced Hazy IPA is much more in line with what you’d expect to get from a small craft brewery that is only producing for their immediate market.

The double dry-hopped beer starts with Idaho 7, Citra, Sultana and Centennial hops, providing a nice bitterness to the beer with a good base flavor. It’s the second hopping of Cashmere, Citra, Amarillo and Mosaic that are really going to give you those strong tropical notes which are apparent throughout the beer.

Citra and Mosaic stood out to me the most, and while this is a hop-heavy beer, there is an underlying bitterness that reminds you your drinking beer–not juice.

Photo courtesy of Revolution

You’ll notice that Hazy-Hero is…well hazy. And while that shouldn’t be a surprise, it’s definitely hazier than the mainstream hazy beers on the market today.

At 7.3% ABV, you will have to watch yourself as the flavor would remind you of a beer more around the 5-5.5% ABV range. The ABV is in line with the more local hazy IPAs such as the ones you see from Hop Butcher, Alarmist and Noon Whistle, but when compared to the mass-produced hazy beers, it is significantly higher. Official from Bell’s is just 6.4% and Hazy Little Thing from Sierra Nevada is 6.7%.

The thing I’ll be looking at over the next couple of months is how well the beer holds up. Notorious for having a short self life, Hazy IPAs can fall off at pretty much anytime. With my six-pack I’ll open one up every week or so and see how the beer changes over the course of the next two months.

But for now, Hazy-Hero is a fantastic beer that will appease a majority of drinkers.

You’ll find Hazy-Hero in six-packs wherever Revolution beer is found.

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