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Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co. | Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale

Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co. | Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale
Paul Lewis

Since there is always something new to try in the golden age of craft beer, some folks (this Porchdrinker included), rarely drink the same beer twice. However, in a time of great stress and fear of the unknown, it can be comforting to revert back to things that are familiar and comforting, and this consistently satisfying beer has earned its rightful place in your beer fridge.

Lexington’s Brewing and Distilling Co‘s most popular offering, Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, has been around since 2006, outlasting many craft beer trends that have come and gone. Whether binge-watching the latest Netflix true-crime documentary, or hanging with your closest drinking buddies for a virtual happy hour, this is the perfect sipping beer for a long night, week, or indefinite hiatus at home.

Using their Kentucky Irish Ale as the base, the brewery then ages the beer in freshly-emptied bourbon barrels sourced from distilleries throughout the great state of Kentucky. The result is a highly aromatic, sipping ale that’s an ideal choice for an after-dinner drink. A strong whiff of charred oak and bourbon leads to a perfect blend of vanilla, caramel and smoke on the palate, and the long finish is reminiscent of your favorite sipping bourbon. Employing a lighter base beer—an Irish ale—allows the complex flavors from the barrel aging to emerge and not be muddied by darker malts. The beer’s alcohol-by-volume is a stealthy 8.2%, far stronger than it seems given how smoothly it goes down.

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale is widely available around the Midwest, so if you find a 4-pack, be sure to stock up. This is a great beer to help get you through the rest of quarantine, and it may just become a staple in your beer fridge.

Be safe out there. Cheers.

Feature image provided by Lexington Brewing and Distilling Co.

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