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Sour Series: Humble Forager | Coastal Sunrise V1

Sour Series: Humble Forager | Coastal Sunrise V1
Jason Murphy

Pastry beers have had their day in the spotlight… but fruited breakfast pastry sours? Well, that’s a horse of another color. At Humble Forager Brewery in Madison, WI, the recipe looks simple yet contains so much more.

Coastal Sunrise V1 Recipe


  • Water
  • Grain
  • Hops
  • Yeast
  • Blueberries
  • Vanilla Beans
  • Maple SyrupCinnamon

The first step to brew this delectable breakfast sour is to clean and sanitize all your equipment.
Second, brew a kettle sour that will serve as the base for your breakfast pastry sour.
Third, at the very end of the fermentation process, add your vanilla, blueberries and cinnamon.
Fourth, when your beer is finished fermenting, move off the yeast, blueberries, vanilla, cinnamon.
Fifth, add the maple syrup to taste.
Finally, carbonate and enjoy!

It’s just that simple to brew an out-of-this-world fruited breakfast pastry sour. Well, it is if you’re Austin Jevne, co-owner and head brewer for Humble Forager Brewery out of Madison, WI. While the task for brewing this beer might not really be that easy, Jevne makes it sound that easy, especially with all the experience he brings to the table as a brewer.

Coastal Sunrise is a delectable ale that truly brings out all the flavors from the ingredient profile–it really is breakfast pastries in a can. The initial sip provides notes of maple syrup, followed by flavors of blueberry and vanilla as it flows over the tongue, finished with hints of cinnamon and vanilla. The pour creates an inviting blend of ruby red and dark purple hues that are very appealing to the eyes. It’s like a work of art that you don’t want to drink, but you would be crazy not to.

Jevne came up with the idea behind their Breakfast Pastry Sour series and said, “There are breakfast stouts which seem to be inspired by flavors associated with breakfast drinks and pastries,” like coffee and donuts. He went on to say: “I feel like stouts work as a great base for chocolatey or coffee-inspired beers, but sours were a great base style for the fruity side of breakfast.”

Jevne also noted that during his time at the Forager brewpub, he was able to meet many different people and farmers who specialize in different ingredients. Those individuals who were large enough to supply a large distribution company were great choices for ingredient sourcing for Humble Forager.

Jevne oversees recipe development at Humble Forager and said he felt that this particular recipe was a good start to a breakfast pastry sour series because most people are familiar and comfortable with the flavors of blueberry pancakes. He has had plenty of time to create and perfect his recipes as he was the head brewer at Forager Brewery before opening Humble Forager.

“My time at Forager Brewery gave me the opportunity to play around with small-batch beers and dial in recipes before upscaling them at Humble Forager,” Jevne said. Dialed in is exactly what this is; you can really tell that in the quality and taste of this Fruited Breakfast Sour.

If you weren’t able to try this beer but want to try something similar to it, be on the lookout for other volumes in this Breakfast Pastry Sour series from Humble Forager. Jevne said that Volume 2 will be coming out in the next few weeks with the inspiration coming from tart cherry cheesecake.

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