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NoFo Brew Co. | Bluebird Day Pilsner

NoFo Brew Co. | Bluebird Day Pilsner
Jason Murphy

With all the varied beer styles readily available for purchase and consumption here in Georgia, sometimes great classic beer styles like a nice, crisp Pilsner get overlooked. These days, the beer market tends to be dominated by Hazy IPA’s, heavily fruited Sours and sweet Pastry Stouts. If those styles are your jam, then that’s ok: It just makes it harder for a brewery or bar to have a style like Pilsner available because a lot of the craft beer consumers just aren’t requesting a Pilsner. Enter Bluebird Day, from Cumming, GA-based NoFo Brew Co.

“Bluebird Day is one of our favorite Pilsners. It has a full flavor while also being light, crisp and refreshing,” said Emily Carr, brewer for NoFo Brew Co. Emily explained that so much detail goes into Bluebird Day’s recipe and brewing process because they are creating a complex, yet balanced, delicate flavor profile.

The term “bluebird day” is used to describe crisp, clear weather, typically after a night of snowfall. Bluebird Day is a crisp, clean Czech-style Pilsner that’s best enjoyed on a crisp, sunny day here in Georgia.

Carr shared a story about this iteration of Bluebird Day, which takes six weeks for fermentation. Since Bluebird Day is one of their most popular beers, they decided to fill their biggest tank with a triple batch. The brew day for Bluebird Day is one of their longer brew days, so brewing a triple batch took 24 hours. They started this most recent batch that’s in the taproom now at noon on New Year’s Eve and ended it at noon on New Year’s Day.

“We love what we do here and have a ton of fun doing it,” Carr said.

Carr explained that she is a part of a small brewing team at NoFo, so she brews most of her beer solo. Carr started out at NoFo as taproom staff when they first opened back in September 2019; she began brewing the following month.

“Brewing allows me to be freely creative, but also meticulous, it’s a beautiful balance and is very fun work,” Carr said. She has a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and said that while in college, her senior design professor would often highlight aspects of the brewing process for in-class examples. Carr said that she knew she wanted to do something fun, but technical, as her career and brewing couldn’t be a more perfect fit.

This whole triple batch, which ended up being 850 gallons (or 6,800 pints), will likely only last the brewery about two months. Even with all the other beers on the draft wall, Bluebird Day is one of the most popular beers to which guests always seem to navigate.

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