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Yakima Chief Hops Announces the Pink Boots Blend for 2022

Yakima Chief Hops Announces the Pink Boots Blend for 2022

Typically the ladies of Pink Boots Society (PBS) come together at the Great American Beer Festival for the Annual Hop Rub. The tradition began in 2017 when PBS partnered with Yakima Chief Hops (YCH) to bring the best of their hop harvest, carefully laid out on tables for attendees to smell, touch and taste, with the goal of selecting the annual Pink Boots Society hop blend.

Again this year the Annual Hop Rub looked a lot different due to the pandemic, so the team got creative and YCH was able to offer a virtual selection kit to any active Pink Boots Chapter in the world! This resulted in more than 60 kits being delivered to multiple countries, including Czech Republic, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and the USA where members got together to create their “dream blend” and submit the results to YCH.

YCH created three final blend recipes that best represented the overall information gathered and the PBS chapters were asked to cast their vote. This year’s 5th annual Pink Boots Blend consists of 30% Idaho Gem, 20% HBC 630, 20% Talus, 20% Triumph, and 10% Loral to get ready for next year’s Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day®, creating a blend with an expected brewing value of 12.5% alpha and expected aromas of citrus, sweet aromatics qualities. Pink Boots blend is currently available to pre-order until December 15, 2021, ensuring the blend will arrive in time for Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day events held annually on or around International Women’s Day.

“The 5th Annual Pink Boots Blend starts with women from the ground up,” says Tiffany Pitra, YCH Sensory Manager. “This year’s blend recipe is exciting because it features Idaho Gem™, a variety developed by Gooding Farms, a women-run hop farm in Parma, Idaho. The selection process was not only an opportunity to create a new blend but also an opportunity for us to educate PBS members about sensory analysis and hop blending. Now it’s up to breweries to brew beers with a purpose and promote the education and advancement of women in the industry. It’s amazing to know this blend will raise money for an inspiring organization and make delicious beer — that’s truly something to celebrate!”

Sale of the blend is PBS’s largest fundraiser for their scholarship program, donating $3 for every pound sold, and sales are open to all breweries, even those that do not participate in a Collaboration Brew Day. This year’s goal was to raise 95 thousand dollars and despite the pandemic, YCH presented a check to PBS of $124,296. Be sure to let your favorite brewery know about this amazing blend and encourage them to do a collaboration brew with the ladies of Pink Boots!

Order the Pink Boots Blend today.

Photo courtesy of Yakima Chief Hops

Pink Boots Society is an international nonprofit and USA tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization. They assist, encourage, and inspire women beer professionals to advance their careers through education. The 2,700+ members in the US and countries around the world are the beer industry leaders of tomorrow, and they inspire women consumers to choose beer as their adult beverage of choice. Sign up for e-newsletters, shop exclusive Pink Boots products, and more at

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