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Cream & Sugar, Please! | Over Yonder Brewing

Cream and Sugar, Please!
Lindsay Simpson

If you’ve recently been in the Denver metro area you may have noticed a brewery on your way to the mountains. Over Yonder Brewing Co. is located in Southwest Golden, CO near 1-70, a major highway into the mountains. It is also conveniently located close to the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater, making it a great place to stop for beer before a show.

Way Over Yonder

Owned by husband and wife duo, Jason and Jessica Bilodeaux, they offer a wide variety of craft beers to enjoy in their airy taproom or spacious patio. The name is drawn from the Carol King song “Way Over Yonder.”


“Way over yonder
Is a place that I know
Where I can find shelter
From a hunger and cold
And the sweet tastin’ good life
Is so easily found
A way over yonder, that’s where I’m bound”

– Carol King, Way Over Yonder


Over Yonder Brewing
Photo courtesy of Lindsay Simpson

The music associations for this brewery don’t end there. Over Yonder Brewing is a jam band brewery where you can find live streams and previously recorded shows playing in the taproom. Phish is just one example of the shows you can find streaming there. As you can imagine this brings in a variety of people for a night that you don’t want to miss. Finally, they have a calendar full of live performances throughout the week. Check their calendar out for more information.

Over Yonder Brewing
Photo courtesy of Lindsay Simpson

Their beer menu is just as unique as their story. They have so much to choose from on the menu including Lagers, Cream Ales, Pale Ales, West Coast and New England IPAs, Milkshake IPAs, Porters and Blonde Stouts. It makes picking one really hard. One beer that stands out is a seasonal brew “Cream and Sugar, Please!”, a Coffee Blonde Stout. It was brewed in conjunction with Launch Espresso, located next door. Their cold brew coffee was used post-fermentation along with cocoa nibs. Blonde Stouts aren’t super common but are becoming more popular. When asked about why he decided to brew it, Brewmaster Jason Bilodeaux comments, “Not much inspiration. Just figured I’d do something different from a standard Stout or Porter with coffee.”

What Is a Blonde Stout, Anyway?

Blonde Stouts, sometimes also called white or golden stouts, lack the roasted malt that gives a traditional American Stout the dark color and roasted, chocolate flavors. The color can range from a light golden color to more of a darker amber color depending on the grain profile. Since the malts are not supplying the Stout flavors there is usually coffee or chocolate added to the beer giving it that roasted flavor. The first sip of a Blonde Stout can be confusing because your brain isn’t expecting those flavors. It does, however, make drinking Stouts in the summer a more viable option for imbibing since they are not as heavy as usual. This particular Blonde Stout from Over Yonder Brewing features a grain bill of Root Shoot Genie Pale, Weyermann Caramalt and Simpsons Naked Golden Oats.

Cream and Sugar, Please! smells pleasantly of lightly roasted espresso that doesn’t attack your nose. It is clear without any sedimentation and has more of an amber color that would look beautiful in a gemstone. The body is on the thinner side but not watery. When sipped it has a slight sweetness on the front end reminding you that it does contain lactose sugar. It has a consistent cold brew taste that stays with you after you finish the sip. The coffee does get a little stronger as the beer warms, but you can still take your time enjoying this brew. It’s a really easy drinking beer at 5% ABV so don’t forget to take home a crowler for your next brunch!

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