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4 Noses Brewing Co. | El Jefe Con Leche

4 Noses Brewing Company El Jefe
Darren Cockrell

As the days grow thin and our waistlines grow out, is there anything more synonymous with winter than dark beer? Love them or hate them, the dark malty goodness of Imperial Stouts are a staple for cold weather indulgence.

4 Noses Brewing Company El Jefe

El Jefe Con Leche from Broomfield, CO’s 4 Noses Brewing Co. is that perfect middle mark of coffee Stout that is alive with flavor without being overpowering. It rides the line of a special Stout to share, but perfectly drinkable by yourself. Pouring a lighter color than many other Imperial Stouts, the aroma is nostalgic–like walking by a churro stand with a cup of dark roast coffee in your hands on a snowy day. The complex malt profile of El Jefe is where the flavor really shines, with multiple roasted malts and barley giving a slow and satisfying evolution. The first sip is of crisp light roast coffee and cinnamon sugar, turning to dark chocolate, Kahlúa and French toast. With a relatively easy (for an Imperial Stout) 7.4% ABV, the alcohol never has a chance to overpower the flavor, leaving the finish soft and polished like a blanket of untouched snow in the morning. Try pairing with biscotti, crepes, chunky sweaters, coffee cake or shoveling the driveway.

4 Noses Brewing Co. consistently releases some of my most anticipated beers each season (check out the Pump Action showcase if you haven’t already) and El Jefe Con Leche is no exception. If you find yourself on the lookout for El Jefe Con Leche, be sure to also keep an eye out for the variants El Jefe Caliente (brewed with chipotle and cayenne peppers) as well as El Jefe Maple, all available in four packs where distributed.

All photography from 4 Noses Brewing Co.

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