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Great Lakes Brewing Co. | Crushworthy Collection

Great Lakes Brewing Co. | Crushworthy Collection
Kevin Risner

In 2021, a dreamy wheat ale entered into the brewing landscape. Great Lakes Brewing Company (GLBC) introduced Crushworthy Lo-Cal Citrus Wheat to our parched lips, and we were all instantly love-struck. Now, after the beer’s one-year anniversary, one of northeast Ohio’s favorite mainstays has returned with three additional versions of this brew just in time for  warmer temperatures. GLBC’s Crushworthy Collection is here, ready to tantalize and titillate the taste buds of picnickers and patio-goers.

All four flavors of the Crushworthy Collection, ready for the initial taste test!

The Original: Crushworthy Lo-Cal Citrus Wheat

“Love at first sip,” Crushworthy’s initial iteration is good ol’ citrus through and though. Brewed with “real citrus purée and peel,” this classic gives us the delightful hint of orange with a light yellow tint that mirrors the fruity taste. We can truly see why the sparks flew during its first year making the rounds.

But Make It Lemon and Lime

The honeymoon stage looks to last forever with our first new flavor. A mix of tangy lemon and crisp lime makes me nostalgic for Popsicles and slushies with similarly vivid neon tones. Just as delicious as all those sugary summertime sweets, this version of Crushworthy also provides a little oomph.

Watermelon Sugar: Lo-Cal Melon Wheat

An unabashed fan of watermelon, I knew this one would be a hit. Reminiscent of 21st Amendment’s Hell or High Watermelon, our next candidate brings just the right amount of watermelon along with an inviting darker hue. Why not chill a few of these for your next cookout along with slices of the real thing? Bonus: it’s seedless!

A Little Peck of Grapefruit

What I deem as a fizzy grapefruit blast, this is my favorite of the newcomers. Zesty and fresh, this foamy, fun option pours out a pale yellow with a bite that isn’t harsh and still super refreshing for sultry summer BBQs. It’s gonna be a repeat in my rotation, for sure.

The Final Details

Each can features an approachable 4.0% ABV and a waist-conscious 105 calories. As a result, you’ll be able to try all four with a friend without filling up or fizzling out too quickly. The Crushworthy Collection arrived at the GLBC gift shop on April 26, while the 12-pack cartons traveled throughout its distribution footprint on May 2. Therefore, if you typically get this brewery’s offerings at your local supermarket or store, there should be plenty of love to go around.

Featured image courtesy of Great Lakes Brewing Company

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