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Great Lakes Brewing Co. | Crushworthy Lo-Cal Citrus Wheat Ale

Great Lakes Brewing Co. | Crushworthy Lo-Cal Citrus Wheat Ale
Kevin Risner

Receiving good news can be a thrill, but receiving good beer news is even better! Months ago, when Great Lakes Brewing Co. (GLBC) in Cleveland, OH introduced their beer lineup for 2021, a newcomer to the ranks appeared on their list. I saw the style, and grew excited at this new option for a new year. Soon after that, we received fresh can art and more tantalizing details about this beer. Now, Crushworthy Lo-Cal Citrus Wheat, one of GLBC’s next offerings, has finally arrived right on target, a year-round ale for those thirsty for something different.

An Intro

Low calorie beers, as PorchDrinking writers have been kind to showcase recently, are an increasingly popular subset of the many varieties available. With Crushworthy, we have a little something for those wishing to indulge, but indulge without too many calories. Here, only 105 to be exact. And with an ABV of 4.0%, Crushworthy is reminiscent of session ales, a guilty pleasure of yours truly. With an IBU of 10, Crushworthyliving up to its nameis an easily crushable beer.

Some Art

One can’t help but fall in love, not just with the beer itself but with the phenomenal can artwork by illustrator Sam Hadley, who has created many of the can designs for the brewery. For Crushworthy, a citrus heart is emblazoned with vivid yellow accents surrounding the tattoo. This vibrant image connects well with such a light and refreshing beer, perfect for all of the fun summer plans percolating through everyone’s heads. We’re almost there, and the future is bright!


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Have a Taste!

Crack open a can, and the whiff of citrus immediately rises up. This makes sense, as Crushworthy is “brewed with real citrus purée and peel.” Pour this ale in a tall Weizen glass, and the fizz becomes noticeable right away. That fizziness remains in the taste. So does the citrus. I catch lemon mostly, and it is an immediate entryway to relaxing summer evenings. I envision safe porch meetups and well-deserved beach getaways with a carton of these beauties stashed in a nearby cooler.

A Few More Details

GLBC released Crushworthy on March 1 throughout their distribution footprint. This beer will also be one of their year-round offerings, a “better-for-you” alternative to the heavier, higher calorie options here and elsewhere. You can nab these 12 oz. cans in six-packs and 15-packs. Not to be outdone, Crushworthy will find a home in their Gimme Five! Variety Pack 15-Pack, featuring many of the popular regulars in GLBC’s catalog: Dortmunder Gold Lager, Burning River Pale Ale, Great Lakes IPA, and Hazecraft IPA. What a lineup!

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable ale. Our friends at GLBC guarantee it will be “love at first sip!”


Featured image credit: Great Lakes Brewing Company

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