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Ultimate 6er | The Barbie Movie

Ultimate 6er | The Barbie Movie

The cinema event that we’ve all been waiting for is here! While you may not be able to carry the following six beers into a movie theater, you can pair these when you inevitably rewatch Barbie at home, when it comes on streaming.



Life in the Clouds | Collective Arts

The OG queen has a life of luxury we all dream of. In Barbie, she enters the real world, which I imagine will be quite a culture shock. This beer is literally described as “a blanket of tropical bliss, paradise in a can,” which certainly encapsulates Barbieland. If anyone has enjoyed a life in the clouds, it’s Barbie.

President Barbie

Pure Yay | Eagle Park Brewing

Issa Rae as President would certainly be more successful than some other presidents we have had, and that is something to Yay about. This sour ale has plum and blood orange, which is unique, but not as unique as a BIPOC female president.

Dr. Barbie

Heart of Hearts | Illuminated Brew Works

This Prickly Pear Saison is delicious and pairs perfectly with Dr. Barbie. In Barbie’s world, women are listened to when they are experts in their subjects, which means that Dr. Barbie obviously gets a beer with an anatomically correct heart.

Mermaid Barbie

Pink Fly | Hop Butcher for the World

Dua Lipa’s wig alone makes Pink Fly, a Double IPA, the perfect fit for Mermaid Barbie. While Hop Butcher may have intended the insect version of fly, I’m taking creative liberties on how Mermaid Barbie flies through the ocean.

Journalist Barbie

Semi-Radical | Hidden Hand Brewing

This Berliner Weisse is filled with fruits and lactose and is great for the summer. With a name like Semi-Radical, Journalist Barbie is the clear pairing. Fun fact: An Ida B. Wells-based Journalist Barbie was released early last year to honor her investigative reporting and advocation of African-American equality, especially that of women.

Weird Barbie

Wobble in Time | Grimm Artisanal Ales

Weird Barbie is quite literally perfect casting with Kate McKinnon as the Barbie that has seen too much. Grimm Artisanal Ales out of Brooklyn is known for lots of spontaneous fermentation and lots of unique flavors. Wobble in Time is a foeder-fermented Sour Ale that has dried black limes, ginger and mango, just kooky enough to fit the Weird Barbie theme.


No beer for Ken. She’s everything, but he’s just Ken.

Ken Barbie

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