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Ludlam Island Brewery | Grand Reopening Preview

Ludlam Island Brewery
Robbie Masso

Since opening in 2016, South Jersey staple Ludlam Island Brewing has been a consistent stop for travelers heading to the Jersey Shore. Now, only four minutes from its previous tasting room in Ocean View, Ludlam Island has renovated a former bowling alley, The Mouse Trap, into a rarity for New Jersey—a brewpub.

“We are so excited for everyone to see the new place,” says Ludlam Island Brewery owner William Topley in a press release. “We poured our hearts and souls into creating this space for Woodbine and the surrounding communities.”

In With the New

When you walk into the new-and-improved Ludlam Island Brewery you are first greeted by its signature shade of medium blue covering the walls. The color was carried over from its previous location, as was most of the artwork, and the red-and-green port-and-starboard lights on either side of the Ludlam logo, which used to greet customers above the door.

Boasting eight-plus TVs, a long natural wood bar with back-supported bar stools, and lots of table seating, you can comfortably watch the game from any seat inside. A large deck also offers plenty of tables, fire pits and even an outdoor bar.

Ludlam Island Brewery

A thoughtful design detail is the inclusion of soundproofing material on the ceiling and in the walls themselves. When a full band is playing you can still have a conversation without having to shout until you sound like Clint Eastwood.

Ludlam Island Brewery

The brewhouse, which is also visible via large windows from the tasting room, has gotten a large upgrade itself. The back room now features a new 10-barrel ABE direct-fire system and ten fermenters. The floor is the brewery’s signature blue, instead of industry-standard red “because red makes people angry,” Topley says. “I wanted the backroom to be lively and bright.”

It’s the feel and theme of the new brewpub, too — lively and bright.

Ludlam Island Brewery

The Menu

Ludlam Island has something for everyone on its menus. For children or patrons preferring to forego alcohol, it offers nonalcoholic beer, coffee and lemonade. Ludlam Island has a full local wine and spirits list, with all offerings hailing from New Jersey or Pennsylvania. Draft cocktails, such as the espresso martini, are a fun addition to the menu, and, of course, Ludlam’s own brews, with fan favorites such as its flagship IPA Water Guns and Rainbows; Beach Bound, its Kolsch served side-pull in a stange glass; and its aptly named I Really Like NJ Blonde Ale. Two hand-pump cask beers are also offered, another carryover from the previous location.

The brewery’s food menu is carefully curated with the help of chef Kevin Cronin, and features barbecue, brisket cheesesteaks, pulled pork, ribs and other smokehouse classics.

“We’ve created a beer fest, food truck vibe in a relaxed atmosphere,” says Topley.

Ludlam Island Brewery

Grand Opening

Ludlam Island Brewing’s Grand Opening Party will start at 5 p.m. Thursday, May 16. The brewpub will be open to the public seven days a week from noon until 9 p.m. starting Friday, May 17.

All photos provided by Renee Durante, Ocean Social.

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