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John Baum

John Baum

John Baum is a writer, an avid reader, a former high school English teacher, and a guy who can't seem to pick a favorite beer.

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Reformation Brewery | Stark Toasted Porter

December 30, 2016 |

ABV: 5.5%

The Time: October 1517

The Place: All Saints Church; Wittenburg, Germany

The Major Player: Martin Luther, Theology Professor

The Action: Unhappy with the Catholic Church, Martin Luther writes down 95 suggestions and nails a copy to the door of All Saints Church.

The Result: The Protestant Reformation. Boom.

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Ultimate 6er | 6 Beers to Get Through Thanksgiving with the Relatives

November 16, 2016 |

Admit it. The Thanksgiving Macy’s Day Parade sucks.

Only the high school marching bands offer live entertainment, while the rest of the parade is bloated with understudy casts performing pre-recorded show tunes, and one-hit wonder Billboard-chart newbies attempting to look excited while lip-syncing vapid hits next to puppets and Teletubbies. The floats are kind of cool, if you mute the scripted minutiae rattled off by the commentators, and a strangely skinny Al Roker donning his Indiana Jones hat while inserting puns and cutesy anecdotes. But this Thanksgiving, the parade may be the best part of the day. Think about it. How long after the turkey is carved might the conversation rumble down this dangerous road: 

“You voted for _________?!”

“What? You didn’t?”

Let the post-election Thanksgiving melee begin.   Read More

Atlanta Braves Announces Terrapin Taproom & ATL Brew Lab

October 20, 2016 |

Way back on November 11, 2013, if you listened closely, you heard the collective gasp as the Atlanta Braves announced their move to a soon-to-be built stadium in Cobb County, 10 miles north of downtown. With the Atlanta Braves having spent the past fifty seasons plying their trade in basically the same spot just south of the city, reactions to the move were mixed. Loyalists grumbled, northsiders rejoiced. Read More

SweetWater Brewing Company | SweetWater 420 Extra Pale Ale

October 10, 2016 |

ABV: 5.7%  IBU: 41

When does something reach official classic status? Is there a committee? Are there longevity rules? Popularity requirements? No matter. What’s really at stake here, dear reader, is the over-proliferation of the term “classic.” 

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Wild Heaven Craft Beers | Emergency Drinking Beer

August 31, 2016 |

ABV: 4.0% | IBU: 10

When crafting Let There Be Light, Wild Heaven’s initial low alcohol beer, Nick Purdy, says the main question they wished to answer was, “How much flavor can we jam into a beer with about the same level of alcohol as a Budweiser?” With Emergency Drinking Beer, their Pils-style Session Ale, it seems they ask the same question, but take it a step further. It is a mix between a Pilsner and a Gose, surprising and original. The Gose is there, as is the Pilsner, all to the delight of an easy drinking beer that weighs in at 4% ABV, a harmless day drinking brew. Read More

Eventide Brewing | Eventide Kölsch

August 22, 2016 |

ABV: 5.3% | IBU: 24

I am grumpy and thus, I pen today’s beer showcase in the spirit of protest.

This is me standing up out of my chair, going to the window and yelling, “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!” Or, something like that.

See, it’s another lovely Atlanta August day: 93 degrees and humid. That’s no surprise—that’s August in Georgia and that’s not why I’m yelling from my window. Read More

Wild Heaven Craft Beers | Wise Blood IPA

July 7, 2016 |

ABV: 6.2% | IBU: 55

While many mid-century writers were (in)famous for their non-teetotalling ways and general bad behavior, Flannery O’Connor lived a quiet writer’s life at Andalusia, a small dairy farm just outside Milledgeville, Georgia. She wrote in the mornings, napped in the afternoons, and cared for her peacocks. A victim of lupus, she passed away at 39, and other than communion wine, Ms. O’Connor did not drink.  Read More

Dry County Brewing | Namesake Blonde Ale

June 2, 2016 |

Pick your cliché: Rock. Dart. Dead Cat… throw any one of those items around Atlanta and chances are good you’ll hit an up-and-coming brewery. After all, nearly 30 have popped up around the state since 2010. Now you can add Dry County Brewing Company, based in Kennesaw, Georgia, to that list. Although they went online in November of 2015 with a five barrel system, expansion plans are in the works. Their future is bright. They’re all wearing sunglasses.

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