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Avery Brewing Company | Rumpkin

October 31, 2014 |
ABV: 18.1%


In honor of Halloween, we revisit one of our favorite Pumpkin beers on the market, a doozy cuz it’s boozy, Avery’s Rumpkin.

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Finkel and Garf Brewing Company

July 16, 2014 | 1

5455 Spine Road Suite A, Boulder, CO

Open Date: July 14, 2014

Brewing System: 15 Barrel Brewhouse

Taproom Hours Mon-Fri: 3-9pm Sat-Sun: 12-9pm

Finkel and Garf is Boulder County’s newest craft brewery. While they’re joining a long list of already successful … Read More

Boulder Beer Co. | Shake Chocolate Porter

February 5, 2014 |

ABV: 5.9% | IBU: 39

There are chocolate porters, and there are CHOCOLATE PORTERS. This deviantly devilish beer falls into the later category. Without a doubt, the most chocolatey beer I have ever had, I feel it is my … Read More

West Flanders Brewing Company – Lion Heart Stout

November 9, 2013 | 2

ABV: 7.7%
IBU: 28

Starting a new job always has its growing pains. Meeting new people, gaining more responsibilities, maintaining a new schedule are all thrown at you at once. It is important to find the delicate balance between these things, new and old. As I sat at the bar of my new employer, West Flanders Brewing Company, thinking about my new co-workers, responsibilities and more, the beer I sipped was a perfect example of successfully creating a delicate balance. Lion Heart Stout weighs in at a decent 7.7 percent and is offered seasonally by West Flanders Brewing Company.

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Avery Brewing Summer’s Day IPA

August 9, 2013 |

Avery Brewing Summer’s Day IPA

6.5% ABV

There used to be something magical about those childhood summers spent playing outside all day with neighborhood friends and returning home to a cold refreshing juice box. Avery Brewing’s Summer’s Day IPA is the adult version of quenching your thirst with one of those nostalgic Hi-C Ecto Coolers.

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Wild Woods Brewery

February 18, 2013 | 1

As micro and nano breweries continue to open in the front range faster than dandelions in the spring time, so does my desire to discover them. Wild Woods Brewery is nestled in a small industrial-zoned area of Boulder that hosts large business powerhouses the likes of Ball Industries. While the brewery is off the beaten path and nearly impossible to find if it weren’t for their small garage sale sized ground sign with ‘Wild Woods Brewery’ and an arrow hand-drawn with a Marks-a-lot, it is exactly what owners Erin and Jake have dreamt about for the last five years.

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Avery Brewing – White Rascal

August 21, 2012 |

ABV: 5.6%

IBU: 10

Beer has been described as many things, a new acquaintance, an old friend, and some mornings a cruel nemesis. I’ve encountered several anthropomorphized versions of beer but none more useful than White Rascal, my go to beer wing man.
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One Minute Beer Review: Avery’s The Kaiser

August 17, 2012 |

The Kaiser Imperial Oktoberfest Lager- Avery Brewing Company, Boulder, CO

ABV 10.03%

IBU: 24

The Perseids meteor shower is the annual mid august star gazer’s dream.

How to do it right:

Go out to the middle of the country, … Read More