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Mountain Standard Double Black IPA – Odell Brewing Company

Mountain Standard Double Black IPA – Odell Brewing Company
Andy Manshel

ABV: 9.5%

IBU: 60

 If there’s one thing about my palette when it comes to beer, it’s that hops and I are not friends. And usually when given the choice between a Bud Light Lime or a hand-crafted India Pale Ale, I’m going with the former. And this is why Odell’s Mountain Standard is an oddity to me. Not only is it an IPA, but it’s a double (also known as ‘Imperial’), brewed with double the hops and malt. That means it’s going to pack a punch on both your tongue and liver, clocking it at just under 10% alcohol. So imagine my surprise when I drink this fearsome brew with the olfactory anticipation of licking a pinecone, only to discover than HOT DAMN THIS BEER IS AMAZING.

Mountain StandardYes, it is hoppy. Yes it is strong. And yes, yes, yes is it good. It’s a medium-thick black ale infused with a little orange citrus with a caramel-esque undertone that dances so eloquently with dark roasted malt and Colorado grown hops. This beer is killer, both for your taste buds and your buzz. It mixes bold yet balanced flavors together in a wonderfully melodic style, giving IPA a new meaning. Odell really hits it out of the park with this one, so if it hasn’t run out, make sure to grab some. And if you’re unlucky enough to not get your hands on it, keep a lookout later in the year between September and December to score what is undoubtedly one of Colorado’s finest craft brews. It’s so good, I promise it will make you want to set your clock to MST just to relive the experience.



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