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Fat Head’s Oompa Loompa Chocolate Cream Stout

Oompa Loompa
Ian Connors

ABV: 6.5% | IBU: 33

Stout brewed with dark chocolate and vanilla beans added.

Fat Head’s story began in Pittsburgh, PA, circa 1992, with the founding of Fat Head’s Saloon. In 2009 Fat Head’s expanded to North Olmsted, Ohio, teaming up with Matt Cole (an award winning brewer) to open Fat Head’s Brewery & Saloon. Success came quickly, with the brewery producing over 5000 barrels over its first three years and Fat Head’s beers winning many awards. They expanded to a full-scale producing brewery in 2012, located in Middleburg Heights, Ohio.

This beer released within the last few months (from date of article). I first spotted it while perusing Instagram as I have become highly accustomed to doing. Upon first seeing it, I knew I had to try it. Those that know me well know that I am a sucker for stouts brewed with coffee, chocolate, vanilla or some combination of said ingredients. Add in the fact that this was a local-only brew available for a limited time, and I was on the hunt.

Oompa Loompa pours a deep brown but not quite black color with an enormous 3+ finger frothy head, similar to that of SixPoint’s 3 Beans (for those that have had 3 Beans). The aroma is dominated by the roasted malt and dark chocolate with subtle hints of vanilla and caramel poking through. The chocolate really comes through in the taste, with the vanilla present but certainly lagging behind. As the beer warms up, the vanilla comes through a bit more, a welcomed development.

Is this a new favorite of mine? No. This just cannot compare to a big imperial stout such as Speedway Stout or Southern Tier’s Choklat. However, that was not what Fat Head’s was shooting for when they brewed this beer. In my opinion, they nailed this one. It’s as close to “adult chocolate milk” as I’ve ever had in a beer. This is a stout I could session. Sure, the ABV may be too high at 6.5% to obtain official sessionable status, but it isn’t too often I come across a stout with this flavor and mouth feel at such a low ABV. Well done, Fat Head’s. Well done.

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