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Silver City Brewery | Copper Mountain Maibock

Silver City Brewery | Copper Mountain Maibock
Hannah Carlson

I’m not one to hide it. I am a huge, huge fan of Silver City Brewery.

Maybe it’s because it’s because the first time we met the team we spent a few hours catching up over their amazing beers – chatting about their 20th Anniversary, their team, their goals. But maybe it’s because, despite their success, these guys have been able to exercise humility, passion, energy, creativity and humor through it all. Or maybe it’s just because their beer hits the spot. Always. Whatever it may be, I’m not ashamed, let alone quiet, to say that I’m really gravitating towards these guys. And my tastebuds are thanking me.

A recent, prime example of my ‘buds singing their praises? Silver City’s Copper Mountain Maibock. This brew, sitting at a ripe 7.2% ABV, is one of Silvery City’s 20th Anniversary series. You see, as Silver City celebrates two decades of bringing fantastic beer to the masses, the brewery is re-debuting some of their favorites from the vaults, including – you guessed it! – the bock. To this, we give a big thank you to Don Spencer, head brewer for Silver City, for bringing this one back from the recipe books to our pint glasses.

The history of this particular brew dates back to 1996, when the Copper Mountain Maibock joined Silver City’s seasonal rotation, as Spencer’s take on the German brew that has traditionally celebrated the end of the winter season. As winter sheds its skin on Seattle this year, debuting never-ending days of sunshine and beach-worthy 80 degree heat, never is a better time to say farewell to the cold, the rain, the snow, of winter than now.

The bock – a beautiful amber in color – is a fulfilling, rich brew, well worthy of its higher ABV. Though I’m partial to hoppy beers, the Copper Mountain, rich in Munich, caramel, and German pilsner malts, is unparalleled and near-impossible to beat. Smooth and easy to drink that despite its heavier, thicker flavor, this beer is an impeccable go-to for all the winter-shedding activities. I’m serious. Have a BBQ coming up? Maibock. What about a day at the lake? Maibock. A picnic at the park? Maibock. Believe me, you won’t regret celebrating the summer season with this one. 

For more information on how and when you can get your hands the limited 20th Anniversary Series, visit the Silver City website and social channels.

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