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Avery Brewing Co. | El Gose

Avery Brewing El Gose

ABV: 4.5%

Avery Brewing El Gose (Gose-Uh)

Is it Mexican? Is it German? Is it Coloradoan? Here’s what it is — It’s delicious.

Avery Brewing is one of those breweries that seemingly can put old dirty socks into its fermentation tanks and end up with something delectable. So, it’s no surprise they could mix a little cervesa with a German Gose recipe and arrive at something terrific. Adam Avery enjoys sinking a lime into his Pacifico, so he wanted to include that idea in El Gose. The beer label says it all — ¡Salud and Prost! Enjoy it with schnitzel. Pair it with a taco. It doesn’t matter because the beer’s versatility is off the charts.

The sour hits the tongue first, but as the beer gushes onward towards the belly, saltiness remains on the tongue and dances with the lime in such fashion that you can’t help but beg for another sip… and another. But, have no fear, El Gose is only 4.5% ABV, so it’s okay to enjoy dos El Gose!

For those unaware of the Gose history, the beer has existed since the 10th century and owes its name to the saline-rich River Gose in Germany. The German Beer Institute explains, “It is known that even Emperor Otto III, who ruled Germany between 983 and 1002, sang the Gose’s praise.“ However, those same Germans, Bavarians, and Austrians eventually gave us a month-long bier celebration in the fall, large decorative steins, bier gardens… and Reinheitsgebot — the Bavarian beer purity law that restricted beers’ ingredients to barley, hops, and water. As a result, the malty German beer familiar to most dominated the world’s brewing culture for centuries. Meanwhile, Gose fell out of favor.

Avery Brewing El Gose
Photo Credit: Mathew Powers

But, if Emperor Otto III liked Gose, how can you or I avoid this tempting salty-sour brew? Modern craft breweries agree! The beer label is adorned with a picture of a skull traditionally seen during the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration, but the Gose is dead no more. The Gose resurrection could only be better if Otto III himself arrived at your house with an El Gose and brat taco. If you haven’t tried a Gose before, let Avery Brewing El Gose be your first. It’s a great introduction to the Gose experience because the addition of the lime cuts through the sour and delivers a familiar flavor. If you have had plenty of Gose before, have El Gose because it is absolutely delicious.  

Forget staying thirsty, my friends. El Gose is part of Avery Brewing’s year-round offerings, so you can enjoy it anytime of the year — sombrero and lederhosen not included.

For the geeks:

  • Brewhouse-soured with 27.5 oz of acidulated malt per barrel
  • Brewed with 1.2 oz sea salt, 5.5 oz lime zest, and 20.7 oz lime juice per barrel
  • Hops: sterling
  • Malt: 2 Row, wheat, acidulated
  • Shelf life: Six months

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