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Silver City Brewery | Foxy Lady

Silver City Brewery | Foxy Lady
Hannah Carlson

If you’re naming a beer these days, you have to make sure it lives up to the name. Anything hoppalicious? Prove it. What are the IBUs? What about throwing in midnight? Well, how dark is it, really? What about sunshine? Tell me the hop varieties first.

Needless to say, if you’re going to name a beer Foxy Lady – which our friends at Silver City Brewery have – it better knock your socks off.

Foxy Lady – from Silver City’s 2015 line-up – is a Flanders Red Ale. This Belgian-style, which are lighter in body with rich (you guessed it!) red colors, is known for their pucker-inducing fruity flavors. Truly, Foxy Lady captures all of these components effortlessly – from the beautiful hue down to that distinctive and addictive sour taste.

Flanders red ales are fermented with Lactobacillus – which results in those sour notes – and are often aged for lengthy periods of time (we’re talking over a year) in oak barrels, to ensure the beer has had enough time to mature. Malts are added in afterwards to build the beers character, as well as its red color. Foxy Lady is no exception to the traditional style – being aged in oak barrels and featuring pilsner malt, vienna, caramel and wheat malts. At 6.9% ABV, it is a delightfully crisp, but also hearty, brew that will satisfy all your cravings on these final summer days.

We also have to mention – as we are suckers for a good label – that the logo, minimalistic and sassy, couldn’t be better.

So, in short, Silver City has hit another one out of the park – giving its drinkers a tickling insight into a style not often found in the Pacific Northwest, with Foxy Lady.

So, I suppose, they do deserve the name. Our socks are way far off.

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