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The Weekly Buzz | October 21 – October 27

Weekly Buzz
Dan Bortz

Beer announcements blowing up like A-bombs this week. Some are returning seasonals, others are new twists on old friends, and some are all-new creations. Put those in the boil with event announcements and ferment over ample shenanigans. This is The Weekly Buzz, brewed just for you!

I’ve been saying it for years!

I watch this show, and I never even noticed.

New beer alert!

Another new beer! This is shaping up to be a good week.

Go learn a thing or two about Pale Ales.

Go enter to win some free stuff!

Buy your tickets now! Should be a fun event!

Here’s to year 3 getting here soon!

Need help with that beer-themed Jack-O-Lantern?

Are you ready to get weird?

Beer in progress… I’ll just wait over here until it’s ready.

Hopefully there are lots more beer fans in Congress.

ANOTHER festival in the works! If you’re in the neighborhood, check it out!

Take my money!!!!

Might be a little early, but pumpkin beers come out in July… Who am I to judge?

Wonder who this Chicago brewery is rooting for?

Luckily the other team has some beer support, too!

One of beer’s most important ingredients.

A new beer collaboration from two of the greats!

How did you celebrate National Pumpkin Day?

And I want all the beer that comes out of them…

Weekly Buzz


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