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The Weekly Buzz | July 6 – 12

Weekly Buzz

Are you tired of hearing me complain about my job? Well, you’re in luck! My ridiculously long work weeks are coming to an end soon, and I couldn’t be happier. How does my employer expect me to waste time on Twitter while working a 70-hour week? Joke’s on them! I do it on the clock. Anyway, here’s all the nonsense that I discovered while I while shirking my responsibilities. This is The Weekly Buzz!

Can’t go wrong with lots of crisp, golden beer!

Bacon is a beer’s best friend!


I’m going. Are you?

Running is terrible, but at least this is for a good cause!

That color though…

Want to bring beer to the masses?

Saving our planet should be a priority.

Mark your calendars!

This pint could save a life!

I strongly condemn the actions of this crowd.

I got next!

Enter to win!

Wesley Crusher cosplay is required.

You had me at “air conditioning.”

Got plans for the World Cup Finals?

Surprise! It’s a beer garden!

Is the poi fresh?

Are you going to the CA Craft Beer Summit?

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