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The Weekly Buzz | March 10 – 16

Weekly Buzz

There’s been lots going on in the world of craft beer this week! Some breweries had snow days and some are shutting down for a bit longer. There are also a few new beers and tons of shenanigans. Buckle up and get ready for a bumpy ride because this is The Weekly Buzz!


Skip ahead to see Liz Thomas’ urban thru-hike of Denver breweries.


People, let me tell you about my best friend…

Didn’t see that coming!

Mark your calendars!

These ladies chose a great name for their beer!

Hopefully, everyone is safe!

It’s been a weird winter in Pennsylvania.

When will they hit the shelves?!

There’s lots of love in the Philly beer scene.

Work smarter, not harder.

Keep your hands off my hops!

Save your place in line!

That’s my favorite kind of can!

I support this idea 100%

Don't forget to fill (or buy and fill) your Adult Sippy-Cup at Yergey Brewing before heading up to The Emmaus Theatre…

Yergey Brewing 发布于 2017年3月11日

Remember when she was in Troop Beverly Hills?

Maybe they’d be luckier if they skipped ahead to 14.

Burn off those extra calories (before drinking more).

Snow Storm Stella is on her way!



More great beer is headed to the First State!

I want this NOW.

Upgrades are good. Very good.

It’s a girl!

I can only imagine what will come out of those…

Get your tickets now!

Yes, please!

There’s a lot of calendar marking this week.

Job alert!

Sign up!

If it’s in Webster’s, it must be true!

Deja vu! Didn’t this just happen?

Brewing jobs available!

Liz Thomas’ Denver Brew Thru

This is by far my favorite story of the week, so I’m giving it an entire section! Liz and her crew are hiking 88 miles in 8 days to visit every brewery in Denver on foot. It’s been a blast to follow all week, and I can’t wait to see the hike wrap up this weekend.

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