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The Unknown Brewing Co. | Vehopciraptor Triple IPA

The Unknown Brewing Co. Vehopciraptor Triple IPA
Johnathan Pylant

Only weeks ago, The Unknown Brewing Co. released Vehopciraptor, a triple IPA straight out of the Cretaceous Period. This is the third time the Charlotte, North Carolina based brewery has released Vehopciraptor into the wild, but the first time it has done so as a 90 IBU triple IPA. One of The Unknown Brewing Co.’s most popular beers, with good reason, it is so incredibly well-balanced, yet bold, that some of us wondered if its really even a triple IPA.

The Unknown Brewing Co. confidently claims “Vehopciraptor will quickly capture the taste buds of anyone who takes a sip.” And, I very much agree. This year’s release was brewed with an unspecified nine hops added nine times throughout the brewing process. However, owner and head brewer Brad Shell encourages hesitant imbibers by saying “Although Vehopciraptor is heavy on the hops, they are well-balanced throughout to give this brew a great nose and huge hop nectar.”

The last two releases were classified as double IPAs and rated at 70 IBU. The latest iteration of this prehistoric monster is just as deceptive as its namesake. A triple IPA that lulls you into a false sense of security with its insane drinkability, you would never know that it was 90 IBUs or 9.9% ABV.

“At The Unknown, we tend to come up with our beer names before we even come up with out recipe. When we thought of the name ‘Vehopciraptor’, it just made sense for us to try to harness the power of the velociraptor, a crazy beast, by adding as many hops as we wanted to make our own type of smooth tasting beast in a triple IPA.” – Brad Shell

I am not much of a fan of overpoweringly bitter IPAs that seemingly lose sight of their purpose, to be enjoyed. Now, there is nothing wrong with an overly aggressive IPA with a bitterness that competes with my own. My wife enjoys beers so bitter they make me cough like a teenager trying his dad’s bourbon for the first time. Vehopciraptor managed to fit in that Goldilocks zone appealing to both our tastebuds.

The Unknown Brewing Co. Vehopciraptor Triple IPA
Image Courtesy Johnathan Pylant

Vehopciraptor is nothing short of spectacular. The triple IPA poured a red-amber color with a substantial head. A sweet and subtle citrus aroma blossomed from the foaming head and filled the room making for eager guests anxious to taste. The flavor was sensational and flawless; filling my mouth with warm citrus lined with the telltale resin. All of which laid over my tongue like a soft quilted blanket with a heavy wetness in the center boardered by hop dryness along the edges.

Vehopciraptor is a seasonal release by The Unknown Brewing Co. and is available in 22 oz. bombers and on draft at select locations. Be sure to like and follow The Unknown Brewing Co.’s social media pages for updates on their current and upcoming beer releases.


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  1. Jose Minaya

    It was super hoppy without being ridiculously tongue gratingly bitter.

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