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Fremont Brewing | Raspberry Silence

Raspberry Silence
Hannah Carlson

A few weeks back, Seattle beer drinkers gushed over the announcement of Fremont Brewing’s latest endeavor: The Black Heron Project. The introduction of the project was accompanied by releases of three brews, including the Raspberry Silence. It’s a brew that completely captures the creativity, innovation and beauty of Fremont Brewing and Black Heron Project.  

Well, back up for a brief moment. The Black Heron Project, seven and a half years in the making, is a farmhouse brewing experience inspired by the ingredients and seasons native to Fremont’s home – the Pacific Northwest. It features brews that are, according to their creators, oak-fermented, bottle-conditioned and patient. To their drinkers, they are magnificent, boundary-pushing, and delicious.

Queue the Raspberry Silence.

A product of skagit copeland pilsner, skagit wheat, special aromatic and dextrose malts, and saaz hops, Raspberry Silence, a golden ale, embodies the innovation of the Black Heron Project. Though each of these ingredients dance together to create a balanced golden ale – not too heavy, not too light – it’s one ingredient in the beer that hits it out of the park. We’ll give you one guess as to what it is.

This brew is refermented in oak with raspberries – those berries following the drinker in every way shape and form. Color, aroma, flavor, remnants, you name it. And we’re not complaining.

The Raspberry Silence’s rich red hue, covered by a small, frothy head, is hardly unassuming. At first glance we know what we’re getting into – and we don’t hate it. The depth and beauty of what you can see in your glass captures the rest of the brew’s characteristics perfectly.

Make sure you spend time with your nose in your glass with this one, as Raspberry Silence’s aroma is a perfect preview of the beer itself. The potency of raspberries is undeniable and mouthwatering.

Though light and drinkable in body, the Silence is intensely jammy – and with 100 pounds of raspberries in every barrel, it’s no wonder. Don’t be surprised when you see berries stuck to your glass, once you finish up – those berries reminding you of the very nature of the Black Heron Project. This is about playing off styles that effortlessly celebrate and profile local, unique ingredients.

Oh – and be careful as you sip away. This deceptively strong brew sits at 8% ABV.

Needless to say, we’re eager, anxious, excited as to what this project will become. If we’re going off the Raspberry Silence alone, there is a lot to look forward to.

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