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Denver Beer Co. | Maui Express Coconut IPA

Denver Beer Co. | Maui Express Coconut IPA
Nate Custard

ABV: 6.6%

Welcome to Denver Beer Co.’s beach party in a can. Maui Express bills itself as a “tropical flavor eruption,” and this coconut IPA delivers in spades. If the brightly colored packaging that screams summer isn’t enough to get you to pick up a six-pack, I can assure you that what awaits inside definitely will.

When I first cracked open Maui Express’s aqua-colored can, the aroma of tropical fruit, particularly pineapple, arrived in a big way. It was like your best friend showing up to your backyard party in a grass skirt and coconut bra, and handing out plastic leis to everyone. The party had officially started. The beer poured a beautiful golden color with a bright, sun-bleached off-white head that stayed and hung out for a while. And, again, I can’t sell the aroma short—it was fantastic.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the flavor of a coconut IPA. Was it going to be sweet? Taste like sunscreen? Be nothing more than a West Coast IPA that lacked any trace of coconut? The answer is the same as the aroma: fantastic. It’s a punch of refreshing, tropical hop flavors that give way to a slightly sweet taste of coconut. And for so much bright hoppiness up front, it finishes really smooth. I’m not sure if it’s the addition of coconut or simply a deft touch in crafting this beer, but it makes Maui Express an incredibly drinkable IPA, even at 6.6%.

Pair this beer with a luau, a pig roast, or just throwing on a Hawaiian shirt and sitting on the porch. In any case, the main takeaway is that you get to the store and grab a sixer of Maui Express. I promise you won’t miss it on the shelf.

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