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Half Acre Beer | Wooden Teeth Brett Saison

Half Acre Beer | Wooden Teeth Brett Saison
Bliss Billingsley

Half Acre brings the funk with its Brett Saison, Wooden Teeth. This complex small batch beer, has the sophisticated feel of a champagne coupled with the casualness of a cider. The mixture of flavors brings the old brewing world together with new techniques. Wooden Teeth is funky, sour and a bit sweet for a perfect balance, resulting in an interestingly fun drinking experience.

Made with several kinds of malts, hops and two types of yeast, Wooden Teeth possesses a complex flavor you’ll enjoy. First, part of the beer’s namesake, is the brettanomyces. Brett is an English yeast, which literally means “British Fungus”. It was fundamental to seventeenth-century British ales and, when fermented, breaks down sugars resulting in a sour taste. The fermented Saison yeast, meanwhile, adds an earthy clove-like flavor, and sometimes a fruity profile. When Brett is mixed with Saison yeast, it creates a dry and complex ale.

ABV: 5.1% | IBU: NA

In a single gulp of the Wooden Teeth, you experience the elements at different times, transitioning your tastes buds from a strong brut champagne to the fruity sour cider and finishing like a farmhouse ale.

On the front end, it’s sour, yet fruity. Think of a mix of green apple or apricot (or any similar stone fruit); the taste will remind one of tart cider. Funky, bitter elements typical of any true saison quickly follow. The finish consists of lingering earth and grains that will leave you satisfied.

The beer pours like a champagne rather than a foamy beer. A load of white bubbles that quickly pop to a thin layer of head evoke imagery of celebrations. Inhaling deeply into this beer causes a tingly sensation as the carbonation dominates your olfactory glands. Carbonated like champagne while the green apple provides the cider scent of bubbly.

Wooden Teeth does not look like what you’d expect from a fruity beer. Unlike ciders or champagne, it has typical cloudiness of a saison. A matte light gold, the color is not quite the clear sunshine, but an overcast shine. The taste, color and smell make this beer perfect for day drinking and the end of summer as we begin the sunset of our summer season here in Chicago.

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