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The Weekly Buzz | October 27 – November 2

Weekly Buzz
Dan Bortz

Did you imbibe a little too much on National American Beer Day? Are you repressing your Halloween memories? Were your International Stout Day celebrations a bit too raucous? We’ve got you covered. Every fun social media moment that the craft beer world could conjure is right here in our handy little list. This is The Weekly Buzz.

I’ll celebrate any hashtag holiday that gives me an excuse to drink beer!

I didn’t realize I needed an upgraded Mad Elf until I saw this!

…but it should be…

Anybody make it to the Pottstown Brew Fest?

 What’s in the barrels?!

Jimmy Carter knows what’s up!

Protecting this water source for future generations.

A brewery sale that doesn’t involve an evil, giant, multinational conglomerate.

Are you looking to get your foot in the door?

Just another day in the cellar!

Did anyone dress up as Felipe Szpigel for Halloween?

Time to polish that resume!

Do you have the eye of the tiger?

How did you celebrate?

If you’re into this kind of thing…

I hope they have a LOT of port-a-potties!

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