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Zipline Brewing Co. | Copper Alt

Zipline Brewing Co. | Copper Alt
Jeremy Fuerst

It is paradoxical that a long and happy life means you get to watch your parents age and die. It should be said that death is—hopefully—still years off for my parents, but it now lingers under every conversation like a guest who has long worn out their welcome. February brought for me an unplanned and unscheduled trip to my home state of Nebraska to look after my ailing parents. In a strange coincidence, all of this took place during the church season liturgical Christians observe called Lent, during which, among other things, we embrace the reality of our own mortality.

Countless others before me have had to navigate the vast, barren seascapes of the wintry Midwest in order to be delivered the gut-punch of their parents’ transience. But when it comes to commiseration in a glass, what is a craft beer lover to do? Thanks to the craft beer explosion, even in the more sparse stretches of America’s breadbasket, one is rarely more than 30 minutes away from solid craft beer. Enter Zipline Brewing Company’s Copper Alt.

Zipline’s Copper Alt can be found on shelves in just about any self-respecting liquor store in Zipline’s five-state distribution footprint, and word on the street is that most Applebee’s in the region have it on tap as well—take that, millennials!

Copper Alt took home the gold for the German-Style Altbier category at GABF in 2015. The next time you find yourself in Nebraska, order a round and you will discover why.

Once this deep copper-brown dream fills the glass with its creamy head, you will heave a deep sigh and remember the occasional pint shared with your father. Inhale and you will take in toast and bread crust, with just a hint of hazelnut. An initial drink will remind you of that first occasion when you snuck a gulp from that sun-baked, warm can of classic American lager by memory if not by taste. But Copper Alt is so much more pleasant to the palate—offering the dark bread and toast promised in the aroma—and a smooth and light sweetness that is balanced out by earthy hops. Contemplating the wisdom and memories your parents have imparted to you over your lifetime, you slowly finish your glass. Maybe you’ll open another. At 5.2% ABV, a second beer will not put you out of commission should one of your parents beckon you in the middle of the night. Should they call, you will answer with gratitude; it is your turn, after all.

Feature image courtesy of Zipline Brewing Company.

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