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Zipline Brewing | BA Chocolate Double Stout

Zipline Brewing | BA Chocolate Double Stout
Nate Custard

Photo Courtesy of Zipline Brewing Co.

ABV: 11.5%

When Zipline Brewing Co. first opened its doors a few short years ago, I instantly became a fan. From the get-go, they were turning out solid beer in a number of styles, with many featuring a creative twist that made them unique and especially interesting for craft beer lovers. Like the sense of fun and adventure the brewery’s name suggests, these guys love to push the envelope without being reckless. The result? Some damn good beer from a place you wouldn’t expect—Lincoln, NE.

While I’m now a Denver resident surrounded by some of the country’s premiere breweries, it was still critical that I showcased the quality beer coming out of Zipline. I chose one of their latest creations, the Barrel-Aged Chocolate Double Stout, because, well, it’s amazing. The fact that it’s a blend of beers aged in both bourbon and pinot noir barrels was enough to pique my interest and want to find out what this double stout had in store.

After pouring from the bomber, a couple of deep whiffs of the thick, tan head revealed a sweet, chocolatey aroma accompanied by notes of hops and oak. I was expecting more roastiness from the aroma, and, considering the very high ABV, more of a boozy smell as well. Neither was the case, which was a pleasant surprise. The first few sips showcased a complexity that reminded me of what I love so much about Zipline. A balance of sweet and bitter came through in full, like eating dark chocolate (which makes sense considering the beer is brewed with cacoa nibs). There was also some tart fruit, that I’m guessing came from the pinot noir barrels. As the beer warmed up and I continued drinking, the bourbon became more pronounced, delivering a slight sweetness with oak and vanilla notes.

From the first sip to the last, this was a perfectly balanced beer that I would order any time, anywhere.

I’ve said this multiple times in conversations with friends, and I’ll proudly say it publicly now: Zipline would more than hold its own in any of the best beer cities in America. As testament, they won a gold at GABF for their Copper Alt (one of their original offerings), and I fully expect their reputation—and awards count—to continue to grow. The Barrel-Aged Chocolate Double Stout should certainly help in that endeavor.

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  1. Leif Benson

    Can you find zipline beers in Denver?

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