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An Interactive Map Of All 67 Colorado Brewery Openings In 2018

2 Days 2 Nights of Craft Beer Golden Colorado - Persika Photography
Brian Phipps

In 2018, Colorado craft beer consumers had its demand for more met with more supply as the state saw 67 new brewery openings or additions. Astonishingly, this is the most since 2014 when 68 brewery openings occurred.

To showcase these new breweries and additions, please check the out the interactive map below.

Who knows? Perhaps, you missed a brewery opening near where you live. Or you can plan to visit a new one near a favorite place you like to visit around Colorado.

How to Use the Interactive Map

First, each brewery is represented by an orange dot. However, some parts of Colorado witnessed more brewery openings than others. Thus, these areas are represented by a larger orange dot. From this, zoom-in on these and the smaller orange dot for each brewery will appear.

Next, click on a brewery to see:

  • Brewery information
  • Opening Date
  • Photos
  • Any related Porchdrinking content (brewery showcase, Porchcast interviews, or brewery previews)

Finally, this list of breweries comes from our partners at the Colorado Brewery List and the Colorado Beer Geek. Both of these sites are INCREDIBLE resources for any information you want to know about all Colorado breweries, current and upcoming.

2018 Colorado Brewery Openings

Map created by Jackie Phipps.

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