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Modern Times Beer | Hyper Halo Berliner Weisse

Modern Times Beer | Hyper Halo Berliner Weisse

No matter where you live in the nation, you’re always itching to get your hands on the exclusive beers you can’t get through your local distribution. We’ve all seen the “ISO,” “Looking Out For” or “Will Trade For” posts on craft beer Facebook groups, but some choose to use some other less conventional ways to get their hands on new beers. Personally, I use Tavour when I want some really amazing beers from “sea to shining sea,” and even beyond.

Modern Times Beer needs no introduction. Arguably one of the behemoths in employee-owned independent beer, they sport a whopping four locations and counting: two in San Diego, one in LA, one in Portland and more to come. When “Hyper Halo” showed up on my Tavour app, I knew I had to try it.

If you want the short and sweet version of this, look no further; this is the beach beer you’ve been looking for your entire life. End of story.

It’s 6.5% ABV, so it’ll do the job without knocking you on your back. All the while, still giving you all the flavor and ease of an easy-drinking Berliner. It’s a fantastically tropical-looking beer, pouring a pinkish-orange with a delicate. It tops off with a creamy white head, reminiscent of the foam on top of a meringue pie. Within seconds, the head fades to nothing. Then, it releases the citrus pith aroma that would trick your nose into thinking you’re drinking a Bellini. Hyper Halo is both tart and effervescent. It also has a strong citrus taste that leaves you reaching for the last one in the cooler while your friend is taking a dip in the ocean and you don’t even feel bad about it.

This might not be the vision you thought you’d get during these winter months when this beer has been released, but that’s alright. Just pop open the can, pour it into a glass if that’s your fancy – it’s what I’d recommend, at least – and let the beer take you on that journey for warmer days.

Feature image from Modern Times Beer. 

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